Dramatic, overly supportive momager Kris Jenner shared a mysterious video of her daughter Kendall Jenner over the weekend, stating that the 22-year-old model would be revealing some deeply personal news on Sunday evening. She told us to "prepare to be moved" and even hashtagged it #bethechange. Naturally, people were curious and began theorizing what the announcement could be. But when the news finally dropped, it was a sea of disappointment across the web.

Kris took to Twitter over the weekend to hype up her daughter for being "so brave and vulnerable." She teased that Kendall would be sharing "her most raw story" and gushed about how proud she was of her.

She alerted Twitter to tune in on Sunday night to hear the big announcement and added a ton of really dramatic hashtags like #bethechange, #changetheconversation, and #proudmom.

With the Kardashian-Jenners, you really never know what you're going to get, so people had all sorts of ideas.

A large number of people assumed the "big announcement" was that Kendall was finally coming out to the public. 

People have long assumed things about Kendall's sexuality, but she's always shrugged it off. If she were to come out publicly, it would be a pretty big deal, but not many people would be surprised.

Others suspected that Kendall's announcement would be related to her anxiety, although, that would hardly be news.

Well, Kendall's "big announcement" and "most raw story" turned out to be a sponsorship deal with Proactiv. She ended up talking about her struggle with acne in a new ad for the popular product.

The reveal was... underwhelming, to say the least.

After Kris hyped up the news, fans were expecting something much more dramatic. But alas, here we are.

We can't help but laugh about the whole thing.

Sure, acne sucks majorly, and it's awesome for someone with a platform like Kendall's to speak about it openly. But let's be honest: Other celebrities, like Lili Reinhart, have opened up about their struggles without getting paid for it. Next.