Kevin Hart The Rock
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Kevin Hart is known to go all out for Halloween, and this year is no different. The pint-sized comedian shut down social media last night when he revealed a costume inspired by one of his closest friends, and everyone is literally cackling. 

So if you're just as obsessed with Kevin Hart and The Rock's bromance as we are, sit back, relax, and check out one of the funniest celebrity costumes we've seen in a long time. 

Months ago, Kevin Hart was involved in a life-threatening car accident. 

"I was involved in an accident. My world was forever changed," said the video chronicling the road to recovery after the September 1 Malibu crash that left the comedian struggling to even stand and walk on his own. "In this case, I feel like God basically told me to sit down. When you're moving too fast and doing too much, sometimes you can't see the things that you're meant to see. But after my accident, I see things differently. I see life from a whole new perspective. My appreciation for life is through the roof," he said in the video voiceover about the experience. 

And that epic return came with a hilarious Halloween costume. 

He went as his longtime friend Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, in an epic imitation that had just about everyone hunching over in laughter. 

"This sh*t makes me laugh. #NailedIt #HappyHalloween #PeepTheNapkinUnderMyElbow," he captioned the insane side-by-side.

And it's right in time for the new Jumanji movie. 

The film, which stars the dynamic duo and fellow comedian Jack Black, will hit theaters on December 13. 

One thing is certain: These two are a bromance made in heaven. 

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If you've never seen these two go at it, we highly suggest it. You can catch the comedians ragging on each other, posting embarrassing photos, and just delivering loads of laughs off-screen. We can only imagine how gut-punching these two are in person. 

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