The Kardashian family has had its fair share of Photoshop fails. This time, Good American cofounder Khloé Kardashian is being roasted by her own fans. In her latest Instagram post, the reality TV star gazes off-camera, her platinum blonde hair (or wig?) cascading over her shoulder. But one thing in particular caught people's eyes: Her left hand looks like it has two thumbs. 

The Kardashian captioned the photo, "You are so much more powerful than you know! Keep going????" but some fans can't see past the the hilarious Photoshop fail. This is certainly not the first photo blunder for the family.

Khloé Kardashian has added to her family's archive of Photoshop fails. 

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You are so much more powerful than you know! Keep going????

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In her latest Instagram post, Khloé looks as though she has two thumbs. When looking closely at the image, you can see that her left thumb, clearly visible in the shot, appears to be split in two.

Fans were quick to roast her.

The comments on the post were all over the place. Many people tried to be nice about it, but others came through with all the jokes. 

Other people came to her defense and believed it was nothing more than a lighting illusion.

There is more than one comment on the post trying to explain away the issue with her thumb. Some people are saying it's just a shadow that's distorting the look of her finger, but I have yet to see a shadow do that to someone. 

Other people are just ignoring it altogether or just not noticing it?

Other people skipped the whole thumb issue completely. Plenty of commenters thought the photo was of little sister Kylie Jenner instead of Khloé.

This is not the first Photoshop fail Khloé has committed.

In 2016, she was caught for another Photoshop fail. In a fitness-related post, she visibly shopped her legs to appear thinner. The curve in the doorframe gave her away, and she later deleted the picture and uploaded the "OG shot."

And let's not forget the family Christmas card that appeared to be one giant work of Photoshop.

In last year's Kardashian, Jenner, Disick, Webster, Thompson Christmas card, fans thought that Kylie had borrowed Khloé's feet. Some even noted that arms, legs, and whole children were also artificially added to the shot. 

There's a whole Reddit thread dedicated to that card. 

The thread "copy and pasted feet" started entirely due to the whole Kardashian feet situation. But it has grown into so much more ever since. The second comment on the thread says that Kholé's head was Photoshopped on from another shot with different lighting. Another one suggested they should just opt for shoes next time.

Khloé has yet to take down the picture or address it at all, as she has for other photo-editing flubs.

It may be that Khloé herself has yet to notice the issue with her thumbs, but she hasn't taken the picture down yet. It's only been up for one day. 

Khloé isn't the only Kardashian/Jenner to be accused of majorly Photoshopping her own photos.

Kylie Jenner has been accused of FaceTuning her infant daughter, Stormi. This Twitter user points out how smooth Stormi's face looks in one specific photo. They believe Jenner used the popular app to achieve that. If you look closely, you can see that the wooden beam behind Stormi's head looks like it curves into her ear. That's a huge tell that some sort of photo-editing was done... to a baby.

People also think this promotional shot for the second KKW Beauty X Kylie Cosmetics collaboration was heavily edited too.

In this shot, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are promoting their second makeup collaboration, but fans found some things to be wrong with the way the two women looked in the shot. Fans noticed their arms, fingers, and shoulders look wonky. That being said, beauty brand campaigns rarely stray from photo editing.

There's also this shot for which Kim was accused of photo editing her children.

This one is less of a Photoshop fail if the original picture is real. But Kim is said to only have edited the color of the kids' clothing. But what's worse is that it looks like Kim had North's belly slimmed in the altered picture.

This whole promotional shot for Keeping Up With The Kardashians has plenty of errors as well.

If you pay attention to this shot, you'll see that Khloé, Kim, and Kourtney all look to be about the same height. But we know from watching the show that Khloé is noticeably taller than her sisters. 

Compare that picture to this one. 

Look how much shorter Kourtney is here compared to Khloé. If you look through the other pictures from this 2017 Christmas photo shoot, you can tell the family isn't wearing shoes. The height difference is much more obvious.

All in all, let these weird photo-editing flubs remind you that "perfect" faces and bodies aren't always real — especially when they belong to a Kardashian.

Whether they're manipulating their height, shown here, their faces, their stomachs, their butts, or whatever else, the Kardashians have a distinct formula for enforcing impossible body image standards. Once we all accept they aren't exactly real, the sooner we can all realize our own bodies have merit too.

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