Khloé Kardashian posted a sponsored ad for Febreze and fans are confused
photo: Splash News

Khloé Kardashian has no shame when it comes to sponsored content on Instagram. 

The reality star has promoted dangerous "detox" teas, which have been shamed by the internet relentlessly — specifically, by Jameela Jamil. At least the weight-loss teas are on-brand for the Kardashian sister. Her latest sponsored post feels completely out of the blue, and has fans wondering why on earth she did it. 

Kardashian posed sensually surrounded by bottles of Febreze, claiming to spray her freshly made beds with the bottles daily. If that's how Kardashian is gonna secure her bag, then more power to her. But the internet is going to roast her for it. 

Kardashian posed as if she was in a boudoir shoot surrounded by bottles of bedazzled Febreze bottles. 

This really is how Kardashian is starting off her 2020, with an ad campaign for Febreze. Somehow these two things just don't add up, and we are confused to say the least. All of Kardashian's followers were also very, very confused. 

The sponsored Febreze content is not on brand with the Kardashians … really at all. 

Many people are questioning this collaboration. Other than the fact that Khloé has talked about her cleanliness tendencies, this ad deal feels totally random. 

One follower thought maybe this was a stepping stone to CoverGirl. 

"Easy, Febreezy, beautiful … Khloegirl," someone commented. Other people were similarly roasting the reality star. One person wrote, "I can’t stop laughing at this ad." Another commented, "How much they pay u for this?"

These bedazzled bottles are beyond extra. 

"Tonight I’m thinking about the Febreze intern out there who had to sit and bedazzle these bottles for Khloé Kardashian," one person tweeted. There is no way Kardashian blinged out these Febreze bottles herself. "Khloé Kardashian bedazzled her Febreze bottles and that’s how extra I’m tryin to be," someone else tweeted

Even Khloé herself sees the ridiculousness of this post. 

Khloé K. commented on a parody page for North West in response to her ad. "I appreciate that Khloé Kardashian understands it’s hilarious she’s shilling for Febreze," someone tweeted along with a screenshot of Kardashian's comment. 

Kourtney Kardashian would never do an ad for a brand mixed with so many chemicals. 

The oldest Kardashian sister is all about her all natural, organic lifestyle, and would never stand for her sister's involvement with Febreze. "Kourt would say Febreze is a no no hahaha," someone commented on her post. Many people were going off on Khloé for promoting a brand with so many chemicals. One person tweeted, "Khloé Kardashian is doing ads for Febreze, money is never that tight."

We need answers. 

Maybe Khloé Kardashian really is just that passionate about spritzing her sheets instead of washing them, or Febreze shelled out way more money than we expect. Either way, fans aren't going to stop trolling this partnership. Someone else commented on her post, "Why don't you just wash them?"