It's no secret that Khloé Kardashian makes a whole ton of cold, hard cash from promoting Flat Tummy Tea, a popular weight loss tea that functions mostly with "natural" laxatives that can actually be rather harmful to the body.

It's also no secret that on top of promoting these teas, Kardashian is frequently caught using photo editing apps to, um, enhance certain parts of her body. When it comes to body image standards, there are few things the famous Kardashian sister hasn't been called out for.

She still boasts over 90 million Instagram followers, but her latest Flat Tummy Tea sponsored post might finally have drawn a line with many of her fans. Was this the final straw?

Here's exhibit no. 1,560,960 of Khloé Kardashian's paid Flat Tummy Tea promotions.

She captioned this post with a very clear #ad and the following message: "Ok you guys… I’ve been putting in work, adding in @flattummyco meal replacement shakes and I’m seriously feeling so good. My energy is up, my cravings are controlled and I actually feel like I’m a total tummy knockout. You need to go check them out while their 30% OFF sale is on. Ps: how CUTE is this shaker bottle?!"

This particular post, however, had even the most devoted Kardashian fans saying, "No, thank you."

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Almost instantly, the comments on her post expressed upset, disgust, confusion, and all around finality. As of the time this story was written, the paid post had 4,500 comments and counting — an overwhelming majority of them negative.

Commenters immediately began questioning Kardashian's morality.

"How can you post 'inspirational quotes' all day long, but then promote laxatives to young, impressionable girls?" this user wrote. 

Of course, they're referring to Kardashian's infamous Instagram Stories, where she's known to post quotes such as, "You never really know how toxic someone is until you breathe fresh air."

Across the board, people pretty much just wish she'd put the weight loss teas away — because she doesn't actually drink them, right?

"Please stop promoting this tea!" one person pleaded. "It does not help anyone! And sorry but we all know u don't drink those shakes!"

Another commented, "U know u don't actually drink [Flat Tummy Tea.]"

Some of Kardashian's long-term fans vowed to unfollow her because of these promotions.

One fan declared that after three years — three years! — they would unfollow Kardashian in order to clear their feed of her promotion of weight loss tea.

And just after, another brought up the tea's... less glamorous side effects. "If you actually drink it, I think this pic would be of you on the toilet," they wrote.

Others pointed out how her #ads might affect her young daughter.

"You have a daughter," one person lamented. "Set a better example for her than shilling dangerous toxic teas. Please. You have the privilege to only pursue projects you're passionate about. This can't be that."

And they're pretty on the money with that one. Kardashian has a reported net worth of $40 million, which is due in part (yes) to her sponsored content. But surely nixing Flat Tummy Tea would not cause much harm to her business prospects.

Fans think it might be better for Kardashian to promote her very blatant passion for fitness rather than get-thin-quick schemes.

"I don't think promoting these teas are good for your brand," someone shared. "We all know that's not how you got your body, you work out crazy for your body. Why not promote that instead of this?"

And then there is our personal favorite:

"How cute is us diarrhea?" one particularly snide comment reads. Clearly it's a play on Kardashian's "How cute is this shaker bottle?!" caption.

Flat Tummy Teas are chock-full of potent laxatives, after all.

It appears that Jameela Jamil's efforts to end weight loss teas are paying off.

She's been using her fame in the past couple years to call out various celebrities and brands for promoting weight loss teas and other things that pose serious dangers to young women's body images.

Kardashian is one of Jamil's primary targets in this case. She once went viral for her comment on one of Kardashian's promotional posts: "It's incredibly awful that this industry bullied you until you became this fixated on your appearance. That's the media's fault. But now please don't put that back into the world and hurt other girls the way you would have been hurt. You're a smart woman. Be smarter than this."

Still, it's rather alarming that a woman with such strong influence is using her platform to send confusing and rigid messages about body standards.

Though Kardashian frequently shares messages of self-love on Instagram, she is frequently accused of using photo-editing apps to drastically change her features. The many times she's altered her face, waist, thighs, and butt combined with her frequent promotion of weight loss teas sends the message to followers that they should love their own bodies — but only if they look like the one she's invented.