The Kardashians recorded every drop of the Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson scandal for the world to see. Although it seems the family attempted to show Khloé's pain while exposing Woods and Thompson as basically evil, it seems like their reality TV footage is backfiring on them left and right. So much problematic crap has come out of the latest Keeping Up With The Kardashians season that actually makes them look like pretty terrible people. 

First there was Kim giving Kylie credit for Woods being able to provide for her "whole family," which led people to accuse Kim of having a white savior complex. Now lots of people are criticizing Khloé for a very fatphobic comment she made about Jordyn Woods that makes them question her entire body positive movement.

This is the clip that has everyone looking Khloé Kardashian sideways.

Khloé specifically referred to Jordyn Woods as a "fat [redacted] [redacted]" in the clip. Many people are disturbed by these statements since she has promoted body positivity through her apps, fitness talk, and her Good American clothing line. Khloé also shared her own statements about being fat-shamed. Furthermore, the Kardashians have shamed Khloé for her size. 

Khloé should know how hurtful fat-shaming is by now. Never forget that her family told her that her weight was "hurting the brand."

“I’m a huge believer of it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it,” Khloé revealed during season two of her show Revenge Body. She then explained that her family pressured her to lose weight because it was hurting their overall image. "'Khloe, you got to lose weight cause you’re really hurting the brand,'" she recalled them telling her. 

How disgusting is that? 

Khloé also wrote about how fat-shaming affected her in her memoir, Strong Looks Better Naked.

She specifically addressed how it made her feel when people referred to her as "the fat sister."

"It did make me strong for sure and being able to endure that stuff but it also makes me realize how [redacted] up people are. How judgmental and how people’s words can hurt other people and what effect it does have on them,” she wrote in the book.

It's safe to say she didn't care much about how her fatphobic comments would hurt Jordyn Woods. After all, there was something very off going on between Woods and her boyfriend, Thompson. And yet, Khloé could have considered her plus-size fans who might hear her say those negative words and feel bad about themselves. After over a decade of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, you'd think Khloé would have a hold on how her language affects her fans by now. 

People are dragging Khloé left and right for her fatphobic comments.

"Khloé Kardashian had the nerve to call Jordyn Woods fat ON CAMERA when she had a weight loss show... Her brand is self-love and she herself faced bullying for her weight... The clown hopped out," one critic wrote.

People are reminding her that she also used to be considered plus-size.

People want to know how can the same person who talked about how fat-shaming hurt her feelings turn around and fat-shame another person?

"Did she call Jordyn fat? How quickly she forgot what she used to look like before losing weight and getting her whole face done #KUWTK. Shame on @KhloeKardashian for fat shaming," she wrote.

They can't believe Khloé is the same person who cried about being teased and has a show called Revenge Body.

"Ewww @khloekardashian. This is very very low of you. Please remember you was also once fat too don’t think because you got a fat transfer that it changes anything. You have a show called revenge body yet you’re here calling someone fat," a person wrote. 

Ouch. This entire Twitter dragging is just... well, WOW. 

People are pulling all kinds of receipts.

"I know like [redacted] @Khloekardashian isn’t fat shaming another woman," one person wrote. "She’s been known as the 'fat Kardashian' for YEARS but has the gall to speak about Jordyn’s weight? Oh, how quickly they forget."

Let's just hope that Kardashian gets her language together going forward because the fat-shaming is unacceptable.