Khloe Kardashian and True Thompson Instagram
photo: Instagram/khloekardashian

Khloé Kardashian fires back at a commenter on Instagram, again

Kardashian has been under fire in the comments section before, most of which she has ignored, but when it comes to her parenting styles, the famous mom isn't holding back. 

A fan account posted a paparazzi photo taken of Kardashian, her 1-year-old daughter, True, and True's nanny out for a walk. One comment shamed the reality star for depending on a nanny, but she would not let that go unnoticed. 

A fan account posted a paparazzi picture of the mom with her tot and her nanny. 

According to the post, Kardashian took her daughter out to a casual lunch in their hometown of Calabasas. She wore a casual all black athleisure ensemble with a red beanie, and True had on a black fluffy coat. What sparked the drama on this post was that she included her daughter's nanny on the outing. 

The comment that set her off had mom-shaming written all over it. 

All parenting styles differ, and the parenting styles of celebrities is extremely different from that of the average person. The comment reads, "She can mother on her own, we all do it!" It's a classic example of mom-shaming and what makes it so wrong. 

Kardashian was not going to let these hateful words stand. 

She responded matter-of-factly and with kindness. She explained to the hater that "I can go anywhere and everywhere with who I choose to. I choose to treat everybody like family that is in my house." It was an active choice to bring along her nanny, not only for a little bit of help, but to also include the important person in True's life on these family outings. 

She ended her comment suggesting that these hateful words usually mean that they need kindness even more than she does. 

One comment got under Kardashian's skin, but hundreds of others flooded in with words of encouragement and support. 

Despite the mean words in the first comment, Kardashian's reply sparked hundreds of supportive responses from fans. One says, "[khloe] you're a great mom." And another writes, "YASS QUEEN KILL 'EM WITH KINDNESS."

Plenty of people clapped back at the mom-shaming. 

Some other commenters had their own response to the judgmental comment. This person pointed out that it's up to the parent to make their own decisions on how their child should be raised. "It's her life, her child, her choice, and, last I checked, her money." 

This feed is bursting with support for Koko.

One Khloé supporter wished for less hate between the women. The person also suggested that having a nanny is a privilege most people would desire. The comment says, "Let's be honest ladies if you could afford a nanny you would bring them everywhere you could." 

Khloé fans came out in full force. 

One commenter noted that having a nanny is nothing to be ashamed of and that some busy moms need the extra help. The supporter also pointed out that Kardashian spends "all of her time with [True]" and that having a nanny doesn't lessen the mom's commitment to her daughter. 

The famous mom consistently posts videos and photos of the 1-year-old on her Instagram Story. 

Anyone who follows Kardashian knows that all she does is post pictures and videos of her daughter on her Instagram story. While it's clear she has help from her large family and a nanny, she is committed to spending time with True and caring for her. 

Kardashian got over the mom-shamers quickly though and posted a sweet pic of her daughter the following day. 

The hateful comments didn't keep the proud mom from sharing more True content. The day after this comment debacle, Kardashian posted a picture of True in front of a pink door with the caption: "My little lady." 

Baby True celebrated her first birthday on April 12. 

True celebrated her first birthday last month, and the party was super cute, obviously. Kardashian shared a birthday post on Instagram with little True surrounded by all of her birthday balloons. Later she shared images of the party which was a pastel and butterfly-themed dream.