Do the Kardashian genes run strong, or do strong filters and augmentations have something to do with this unbelievable look-alike post from Khloé Kardashian?

Fans had to do a double-take when Khloé shared this photo that looked a lot like her older sister Kim. Khloé isn't afraid to do some heavy filtering on most of her posts, and critics have called her out for overdoing it in the past. Some people also thought the unrecognizable photo was evidence that she had augmented her appearance with a nose job. 

This time, followers just couldn't tell which famous sister they were looking at. No shade either; there are far worse people to be compared than to her gorgeous 38-year-old sister. 

Khloé Kardashian shared another heavily altered photo to her Instagram, but this time it made fans do a double-take for a different reason. 

Sure, Khloé and Kim are sisters, and that means they are going to have notable similarities. But in this photo, shared on Friday, June 21, Khloé looks like she might as well be Kim's twin. Khloé tagged her stylists and hair and makeup artists in the photo that she captioned with a paw-print emoji. 

It's unclear if the photo was meant as promotion for her new makeup line with sister Kylie Jenner, a look at the upcoming KUWTK episode, or for her new season of Revenge Body — or maybe the star was just feeling her look. Either way, it had fans rubbing their eyes and wondering which famous Kar-Jenner sis they were staring at. 

Looking at a picture of Kim circa her blonde-locks moment, the likeness is uncanny. 

This photo shared on Mother's Day for the matriarch of the family, Kris Jenner, shows Kim's blonde days. The similar angle and hair color in the photo definitely resembles the photo of the youngest Kardashian sister above. In the second photo of the series, the two show a more stark difference. The blonde hair and matching makeup style make the two look like twins instead of sisters. 

There were countless comments comparing the two sisters. 

"For a second there I thought that was you @kimkardashian," one fan wrote on Khloé's picture. The mom of True is often called out for switching up her appearance, and this time followers were calling out a potential nose job that matched Kim's. Plus they obviously have similar facial structures thanks to the strong Kardashian genes, but the angle and styling of this photo was unbelievably similar to the look of her middle sister. 

Some fans had no idea which iconic family member they were looking at, and it's not the first time. 

The Kardashian genes run strong (or their plastic surgeon is extremely skilled) and the sisters often get compared to one another. All of the Kardashian-Jenner clan have similar facial structures, and with the right camera angles and hair colors, they all could look like twins. Most often Khloé and Kylie look alike, and Kendall, Kourtney, and Kim have a strong likeness. 

One fan commented on Khloé's picture, "I honestly couldn't tell which kardashian this was for a moment I had to look at the name."

In Kylie Jenner's latest YouTube video, fans were calling out Khloé for her recently changed appearance. 

Published a week before Khloé posted the highly filtered photo, the young billionaire shared a video to her YouTube channel with her older sister to promote their collaborative makeup line. Jenner interviews her sister and asks some "burning questions," like whether the Kardashian sister prefers bags or shoes. 

Some people called out Khloé for a too-dark tan and blonde wig combination. Others compared Khloé to another family member, the mother of the group, Kris Jenner. 

One fan definitely thought she changed up her appearance, but it doesn't really matter when she's not promoting dangerous body ideals and dietary methods.

Khloé has problematic moments with body image, no doubt, such as her promotion of harmful "fitness" teas that contain questionable ingredients. But to be fair, she has been a strong proponent of fitness and physical health, like on her TV show Revenge Body, and by featuring plus-size models for her Good American line. Whether or not she got a nose job is her business, and as long as she's happy and healthy, then good for her. 

One fan complimented the reality star while speculating on her changed image, "Is it me, or does she look different in every one of her pictures? She's still gorgeous though!"

A photo facing the Kardashian sister head-on looks very different from the angled shot above.

Khloé posted a sweet series of photos with Kourtney's ex and the father of their three kids, Scott Disick, for his birthday. The first photo shows the 34-year-old looking straight at the camera, and her nose has a wider bridge and more bulbous point than in the filtered photo above. While that could be thanks to some heavy editing or FaceTuning, it's not going to stop fans from speculating about a potential surgery.