Khloé Kardashian is known for her bold outfit choices. Even her sisters, especially Kim, give her a hard time for her fashion faux-pas. 

But this Easter was an especially rough outfit day for the reality star. She paired a pretty silk slip dress with — wait for it — clunky Timberland boots. It didn't take long for videos and photos of Khloé to surface, and people did not hold back

At one of Kanye's notorious Sunday Services, which was broadcast live from Coachella, the whole Kardashian-Jenner family celebrated the holiday together. 

Khloé Kardashian can't catch a break on Twitter.

People won't stop roasting the Kardashian sister. Whether it's for a fail on Photoshop or her latest outfit flop, people are going to towncriticizing Khloé right and left. Judging from the endless comments and tweets about her Timberland boots/silky dress combo, very few liked the look. 

People truly got a kick out of roasting the star's clunky look.

The idea of the utility boot with a slinky Easter dress was laughable to one person. The oversize shoe with the silhouette of Khloé's dress was a bit confusing, to say the least. Hey, at least she must have been comfortable!

One person blamed the stylist behind the look.

One person on Twitter suggested that it could have been one of the many Kar-Jenner stylists who let her go out looking like that. At the very least, one of her stylish sisters could have warned her against the fit. Where was Kim's fashion advice this time?

Not everyone hated it, and Khloé made sure to thank one of the seemingly few compliments.

The star seemed to brush off the hate, though, and opted for something more positive. She retweeted and commented back to someone who thought she nailed her Easter wear. Amid the roasting, she found a rare compliment and was quick to emphasize that tweet. 

The whole family dressed in similar white or cream silk dresses.

Staying on brand, probably for Kanye's sake, the sisters all stepped out in similar cream-colored silk dresses. Kendall had a high slit cut out of her dress, and Kylie paired hers with embellished hair clips in a long sleek ponytail. 

The rest of the sisters also wore casual shoes, which is a rarity for them.

Despite the classy dresses, all of the girls wore somewhat practical shoes during the festival service. Kendall, Kylie, and the famous tots of the group all wore white tennis shoes. The difference in casual footwear was that theirs were white and minimal, while Khloé made the mistake of going for a bold, oversize option.

Kanye's Sunday Service was a hit overall, though.

Kim posted a series of videos and photos from the service today expressing her pride for Kanye's "vision of starting a church." The rapper's service was an overwhelming experience and brought him to tears. People across the world joined in to watch a live version through Coachella's live streaming option. 

Even though her outfit was a mess, her makeup was on point, and the famous mom looked beautiful.

While Khloé could use a few fashion tips, there's no denying she's stunning. Her makeup was on point, and she was giving us that famous Kardashian smirk and smize. The 34-year-old has had a rough year so far with countless scandals and online roasting; it's impressive she has remained so strong. 

And, hey, at least baby True looked cute in her Easter getup.

Plus, no one could deny how adorable her one-year-old daughter looked in a bunny ear headband meeting the Easter bunny. The proud mom posted a series of pics to her Instagram Story, and didn't let a little fashion slipup deter her from enjoying the holiday with her fam.