Khloé Kardashian is over the negative comments. The reality star has gone to extensive lengths to keep her trolls at bay. But this time, she is going off on her followers. 

The famous mom has had her fair share of Photoshop fails, and her critics are quick to call her out on it. After posting a heavily filtered selfie, she's taken to the comments section to put these disparaging commenters back in line. 

Khloé Kardashian is arguably the most criticized Kardashian sister of the moment. 

She captioned this pic, "Good vibes only." Unfortunately, the girl just can't catch a break. From the incredibly publicized drama with her ex-husband and father of True, Tristan Thompson, to the fashion and Photoshop fails, who could blame her for going off in the comments?

Granted, a look at her Instagram page does look like a filtered-selfie haven. 

The highly filtered pictures do not excuse the hateful words spread throughout her comments. If a filtered picture makes her feel good about herself, then who are we to judge? Though filters are one thing, heavy editing that promotes unrealistic body standards are another. This story is about the former.

Kardashian snapped at one commenter who suggested she had plastic surgery done on her eyes. 

She didn't let this comment stand: "You guys are really reaching," she wrote back. The hurtful comment about the falsity of her appearance garnered a reaction, but not one of hate. The star responded with a message of love. She wasn't going to let one hater get her down. "I'm good with whatever babe. much love sent your way."

Another commenter wished she hadn't covered up any moles or blemishes. 

The Kardashian's fans stood up to this comment about her "unnatural" appearance. She was grateful for the support and sent kissy-face emojis in return. 

One comment was a burn disguised as a compliment. 

Kardashian had no words for this remark and responded with three purple hearts, but one of her supporters wrote, "Do you think that's a compliment? FYI it's not." 

Most of Kardashian's energy was spent on more positive messages from her fans and friends. 

Despite the mass of negativity thrown her way, Kardashian made sure to find the positive in a sea of insults. Sure, she could do better to reign in her extreme body modifications, but if a run-of-the-mill filtered pic makes her feel good, then let her post a filtered pic. 

One fan complimented the star's new hair style, and Kardashian made sure that comment stood out among the hate. 

The Good American creator spent most of her energy on her supporters. She made sure to thank one fan who loved the short crop she recently debuted. 

And, of course, she posted a series of inspirational quotes on her story, because how else would she make it through the day? 

It would appear the negativity isn't doing her self-esteem too much damage. She continues to post inspirational quotes to her Story, like this one with messages of self-love and empowerment. You know, as usual.