Movie stars weren't the only ones who had some fun on Oscars night.

On Sunday, Madonna hosted a star-studded Oscars after-party. She filled her guest list with the biggest names in movies, music and television — Kim Kardashian included. 

Never one to say "no" to Madonna, Kardashian showed up to the bash before she jetted off to Japan.

She posed for cheeky photos with Madonna (and Cardi B) in the photo booth, and then she decided to take a few solo shots of her own — and that's when Kardashian's booty instantly stole the spotlight. 

Kardashian casually showed "butt cleavage" at Madonna's Oscars party.

Kim Kardashian butt photo
photo: Instagram

Wearing a striking black gown with an open back, Kardashian let the top half of her booty spill over the cutout. 

There was zero shame in Kardashian's butt crack game.

Kim Kardashian with pink hair
photo: Getty

In fact, she clearly wanted photo evidence.

Kardashian was at a party with the legendary Madonna and freakin' Cardi B, and yet her booty was STILL able to steal the show. 

An impressive feat. 

Even A-listers can't compete with a Kardashian backside.

Kim Kardashian butt photo
photo: Instagram

All Kardashian has to do is put on a booty-baring dress, and it's game over.

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