Kanye West graced the cover of Forbes in a profile about his billion-dollar fashion brand, Yeezy, and the rapper's artistic visions. What really caught readers' attention in the article, though, was the obscene amount of money it takes to keep West's $60 million Calabasas mansion pristine. 

Kim Kardashian West showed off their family home in a Vogue 73 Questions video interview and a follow-up house tour via Instagram Story. The internet was confused by the immaculate cleanliness of a home with four young children — plus luxurious elements such as a massive flat-screen TV that sank into the floor and custom-made sinks that are more like a work of abstract art than a bathroom appliance. 

The Kardashian-West "minimal monastery" has sparked Twitter debates about wealth and whether the multimillion-dollar home is appropriate. 

Kim Kardashian posted the cover of the magazine and a sweet message to her husband. 

Kanye West pulled himself out of immense financial debt, mostly thanks to his billion-dollar fashion empire and coupling up with one of the most influential faces in the world. The article focused on the artist's design vision and businesses, but one line about the family home caught the attention of many. The interviewer stepped into the home comprised of varying shades of beige and was asked to cover his shoes with cloth booties. According to the article, the floor is made of a rare delicate Belgian plaster that requires a special team from Europe to repair any scuffs. 

The reality star shared the cover along with a proud caption, "...I watch every day how hard he works and how much of his heart and soul he puts into his business, every idea and product that he creates. It’s of no surprise to anyone who works with or is close to Kanye that he has been able to turn millions of dollars in debt into a billion dollar empire in only 4 years - 100% on his own terms, while owning 100% of his business. He inspires me every single day and I’m so happy that he is finally getting the recognition and credit that he deserves."

Forbes reported that Kanye West's income is estimated at $150 million pre-tax. 

"There's a little bit of Lamborghini in everything I do," the designer said at the end of this clip. The cover story discussed West's precise attention to detail to an almost obsessive degree. It comes through from the design of their mansion to the cohesive aesthetic of his fashion line. 

In a Vogue 73 Questions video interview, Kardashian showed off their pristine mansion. 

She described her family's home as a "minimal monastery," despite having four children under the age of six. Fans were puzzled at the state of her aesthetically striking home that we now know requires expensive and intense maintenance. After learning the lengths that the famous family go to to keep their possessions looking on-brand, some people on Twitter believe it is an inappropriate display of their wealth. 

One person sparked the debate by questioning the ethics of the Kardashian family wealth. 

Sophia Benoit, a journalist, wrote, "Being rich is unethical." The tweet caused a feud over the powerful family's wealth and whether they have earned that success. The Kardashian-Jenner-West family has never shied away from showing off their earnings through impossibly expensive homes, cars, beauty, and clothing. 

Is spending your extensive wealth on luxurious homes and cars unethical?

"Being rich is not unethical. Being rich and not doing everything reasonably possible to help the poor is," one person tweeted. What started as a bizarre factoid about living in the Kardashian-West home ended up sparking a debate about one of the wealthiest families in the world. Another person replied, "There's basically no way to get rich without unethical behavior though." The Kardashian-Jenner-West crew has had their fair share of scandals, but they do reportedly support many different charities and causes. 

Is a floor even a floor if you can't step on it? 

The entire Kardashian-West family home was designed by the patriarch of the family, and his influence is evident throughout the layout. The rapper has also been known to spare no expenses when it comes to his taste. During one episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim had to reel her husband in from spending millions of dollars on the family Christmas party.

One person on Twitter scoffed at the notion that their floor is so extra that guests are required to wear cloth booties. "If the floor is that expensive yet can't even handle people WALKING ON IT then it needs a new job, [redacted]," the tweet reads. 

One person retorted that flying in a team just to clean floors is an environmental concern. 

One person replied, "It's fun to think that everything I do to reduce my carbon footprint is negated when someone doesn't take their shoes off at the Kardashian-West household." 

The reality family certainly has the means to design an environmentally friendly home, but they've never discussed the ways in which they might uphold that standard publicly. The tweet is pointing out the fact that a scuff, which could potentially occur quite regularly, requires a team to be flown in, resulting in more carbon-dioxide emissions.