Kim Kardashian takes no prisoners when it comes to attacks on her family, but this was a particularly low blow.

After The Daily Mail called Kris Jenner "chubby-faced," Kardashian clapped back real hard — and she had every right to do so.

Kardashian retweeted the article, in which the writer called young Kris Jenner "chubby-faced."

"Chubby really?" Kardashian retorted. "That’s the headline? How about beautiful, youthful, stunning?!?!"

The post included photos of Jenner pre-Kardashian fame.

According to Daily Mail, she was "chubby-looking," which is downright ridiculous.

While there's nothing bad about the word "chubby," it was still used in a derogatory way.

Additionally, there are a whole host of ways the article could've referred to a young Kris Jenner instead of just focusing on her weight at the time.

Naturally, Twitter considered this an utter blasphemy.

How dare they??

Regardless, Jenner looks GOOD.

Don't be rude, Daily Mail.

However, something tells us Jenner is entirely unbothered by all this.

photo: Giphy

No one comes for Jenner. No one.