I regret to inform you that Kim Kardashian is at it again. It may be a brand-new year, but she's still the same clueless, problematic, money-hungry monster she's always been. Case in point: One of her first posts on Instagram for 2019 is an advertisement for the infamous Flat Tummy Co. 

Her sister Kourtney posted her own ad for the supplement as well. "They’re exactly what I need right now. Day 3 on the program and I’m already feeling good again," she wrote. In other words, this family has learned NOTHING from the past.

Fortunately, fans are finally opening their eyes to this nonsense. In 2019, nobody is falling for these dangerous and toxic advertisements.

Actress Jameela Jamil, longtime critic of the Kardashian brand, called them out immediately on Twitter. "I see the diarrhea powder pushers are back out in full force," she said, while resurfacing a parody video she made about the Flat Tummy shakes.

Everyone on social media is just fed up with the lies. Not only are the Kardashians and other influencers encouraging eating disorders and promoting dangerous products, but they're actually making money off of it. That warrants an "unfollow."

It's also worth noting that Kardashian definitely did not get her body to look like it does from a chocolate shake supplement. 

Her and her sisters constantly promoting unhealthy, unsustainable products to their young, impressionable followers is poison to society.

They don't need the money, obviously, so it's clear they are only doing it because they want to.

BTW, this is far from the first time the Kardashians have promoted toxic products and images to their followers. And sadly, it's probably far from the last.

We're just happy to see that people refuse to believe this bullshit in 2019.

Screw diet culture. Love yourself and ignore the noise.

And don't let inauthentic celebrities tell you what you should or should not look like or what you should or should not buy. Without your purchasing power, maybe these toxic brands will finally disappear.

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