Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
photo: Splash News

Could there be trouble in paradise or is Kanye just being Kanye? 

Kim Kardashian recently shared a video to her Instagram story of her husband fully ignoring her in an elevator, and it was so dang rude! This is the second cringe-worthy moment to come from the famous couple this week. At an NBA game, Kanye snubbed his wife on the Kiss Cam, and we all cringed so hard. 

The two have been married for six years and together since 2012, so Kardashian certainly knows about all of her husband's quirks. However, this rude moment wasn't taken lightly by Twitter. 

Earlier this week, the two had a cringe-worthy courtside moment.

At the NBA All-Star Game, the Wests were seated courtside for the big game and looking as glamorous as ever. Kanye West was wearing big sunglasses and Kim sported an oversize puffy orange coat. The two looked happy at the game until the Kiss Cam rolled around.

The kiss cam moment was so awkward, my whole body was cringing.

It's unclear if Kanye simply didn't realize that they were on camera, but he totally snubbed his wife when she leaned in for a smooch. In the end, Kardashian got only a little cheek peck, and West was totally unaware.

The two recently took a surprise trip to Paris.

The couple spent a romantic trip away in their favorite city, Paris. It's where the two got hitched and where they famously fell in love. However, this trip caused some controversy over a video that Kardashian shared on her Instagram story.

They were caught making out in the elevator, and instead of helping his wife with an armful of bags, Kanye just sashayed out.

Kanye and Kim were spotted making out like teenagers in the elevator, and it would have been a sweet moment from the couple if it weren't for what happened at the end. Instead of holding the elevator door for Kim, or helping her with the massive amount of shopping bags, Kanye just booked it out of the elevator. 

People were appalled by his rudeness.

One person tweeted the video and wrote, "Kanye got off that damn elevator left Kim with the bags, the door started closing and all." The shocking moment was so rude it was hilarious. People couldn't believe the artist would leave his wife stranded like that.

He was smiling so big, maybe he didn't even notice.

In West's defense, he did just finish macking in the elevator. Perhaps he was so overwhelmed by love that he forgot all manners and common sense. "Kanye is so happy he just left Kim right on that elevator. Bless his little heart," another person tweeted.

People are seriously curious about what they're like behind-the-scenes, because these past two cringey videos are ridiculous.

The video doesn't give context to the whole story, so I'm sure Kanye helped Kim with the bags as soon as the cameras cut out. However, these videos have people curious about what their relationship is really like. "Lol I truly be interested in what their marriage dynamics is like cause these videos be sending me," one person tweeted. Another replied, "Lol I wonder the same."