Kim Kardashian would like you to know that there is color inside her exceedingly minimal, modern house, OK? She answered the long-burning question that all of us have about her monastery-like decor in the Kardashian-West home: How do they keep it so pristine with four small kids?  

The answer, it turns out, is plastic bins. Lots of lots of plastic bins. Come along as we tour the Kardashian-West playroom, where dreams come alive for the luckiest siblings on earth.

Kardashian posted a tour on her Instagram stories.

Kardashian posted several videos of the playroom, explaining that she decided to show it to us after "cleaning up." Obviously, no one really believes that she cleans up the playroom all by herself. That aside, it's quickly apparent how many toys the kids own — there is an entire staging area full of stuffed animals, a mini ball pit, and rows of rocking horses. My 6-year-old self is crying.

The Kardashian-West kids have a full-on rock band setup.

First, Kardashian shows us the kids' band equipment. Yes, the Kardashian-West kids have nicer rock ’n' roll gear than most actual rock bands. There's a pint-size full drum kit and several working electric guitars. It's important to have quality instruments when your dad is a literal musical genius!

Here's Saint West's area.

Each of the kids have their own areas. Saint West has a massive zone with every single toy car and truck under the sun. There are drawers below the risers, filled to the brims with Legos, toy train tracks, action figures, all of which are all organized and color-coded. Kardashian is the kind of mom who would not tolerate stepping on a Lego piece.

Chicago West has the ultimate girly play area.

Kardashian is clearly not having discussions about gendered toys, because Chicago West's play area is full of traditionally feminine toys, like a mini ice cream parlor and grocery store checkout. Chi also has a giant closet full of play food, which I would have adored as a kid.

The arts and crafts closet is MARIE KONDO INSANITY.

This closet, though. My goodness. If organization soothes you, this closet is the equivalent of a full-body massage. All of the kids' art and craft materials, like markers, crayons, and construction paper, are organized and color-coordinated in precise rainbow order, in labeled bins. The costumes are also organized by color, with all of the accessories carefully tucked away. My heart goes out to whoever's job it is to keep this all looking perfect.

Kardashian only showed us what, I can only assume, is part of the kids' playroom, because we don't see North and Psalm's play areas. There's no doubt that it's every bit as excessive as Chi and Saint's. Meanwhile, I had three Barbies as a kid and I thought that was a lot!