Kim Kardashian
photo: Reuters

Kim Kardashian West is slowly but surely making her return to the spotlight. 

Earlier this month, she was featured in Love magazine's annual advent calendar as a sexy alien. Then Kim launched a mysterious, booty-filled Instagram account for her line of Kimojis. 

Most recently, she reappeared on her sister Khloe's Snapchat. But fans couldn't help but notice that Kim was rocking a surprising new accessory....

At Kris Jenner‘s holiday party on Saturday, Kim showed off her new lip ring.

Kim Kardashian lip ring
photo: Snapchat

She paired her shiny addition with a strappy gown and a thick lace choker (click for video).

Khloe took to Snapchat to praise her older sister's edgy look (click for video).

“How to die? How dope is my f--king sister?" Khloe raved. "Look at this dress and look at the jewelry. You are a badass bitch, Kim!” 

A typically-reserved Kim hammed it up for Khloe's Snapchat.

Kim Kardashian lip ring
photo: Snapchat

Fans were just thrilled to see that Kim actually showed up to the party.

Kim Kardashian Christmas party
photo: Instagram/@kyliejenner

After her traumatic Paris robbery in October, Kim shied away from making public appearances. But she and her unicorn-haired husband Kanye West decided to attend this weekend's Christmas bash.

Her unexpected social media appearance left fans wondering if Kim is back for for good.

Kim Kardashian
photo: Instagram/@kimkardashian

And more importantly, is her new lip ring the real deal?

Unfortunately, it looks like Mrs. West is keeping her pierced pout shut.

But we're watching you, Kimmy!