Kim Kardashian Shares Pics Of Her Minimalist House And There Is Nothing Inside
photo: Splash News

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's home is on the cover of Architectural Digest, and boy, it's a whole lot of nothing — as in, there's nothing in their famously minimal home except very fancy furniture and globular art pieces that also function as toys for the kids. It's the most intimate look so far into the Kardashian-West house, but it leaves me with tons of questions — like, with four small children, how is the house kept in such pristine condition? Does Kardashian routinely step on Lego pieces? Does the family have a kitchen cabinet stocked with sippy cups? How is this a place where people live?

Here's the Kardashian-West cover of AD. What is happening here?

Nothing! Nothing is happening! There's zero signs of life in this foyer — no kids' drawings, no family photos. It's eerily sterile and quiet. But it's also weirdly stunning! The organic slopes of the stair rails, the soothing cement table... there's a balanced beauty to it that even a maximalist can't deny.

It is art-directed down to the tiniest detail.

Kardashian and West's home is a literal project. They hired designer Axel Vervoordt to art-direct their home, and he also crafted this limestone table. "Kanye and Kim wanted something totally new," Vervoordt told the magazine. "We changed the house by purifying it, and we kept pushing to make it purer and purer."

Purity, apparently, means getting rid of literally everything that usually exists in a home!

Kardashian and West have an interesting idea of toys for their kids.

One of the more fascinating anecdotes from the AD story is about this plush sculpture installation by artist Isabel Rower, and it looks like a pregnancy pillow from hell. It has its own gallery room in the house, but the kids are allowed to play all over it. As West explains, "Everything we do is an art installation and a playroom." OK then!

There's more photos of the home in AD's video.

Kardashian and West also did a video design quiz for AD. But we also get to see more images of their home, including their plaster walls that create the arched hallways — making it feel like a Medieval monastery. Admittedly, those chairs do look seriously comfy.

Even North West's room is a work of art!

Kardashian decided to reward our patience with their minimal interior by offering us a glimpse into North West's room. Her bubblegum pink room featured a plush butterfly-shaped headboard with dust ruffles covering her bed and vanity, giving me serious ¸’80s Golden Girls vibes. Scroll all the way to the end of her Instagram slideshow to see the Pepto-Bismol kid's room and head on over to Architectural Digest to see all the photos.