The Kardashians are used to receiving criticisms at this point, but when it comes to their kids, they'll fight back

Kim Kardashian wasn't going to stand for the mom-shaming that she began to receive after Kris Jenner shared a few new family photos to her Instagram account. In one of the photos, North West was spotted with a nose ring, and people were shocked. The mom of four took to her Story to clarify that it wasn't real, but not before she was called out in the comments. 

With multiple kids less than six years old, the reality star is busy and knows how to take care of her family. North is notorious for her extravagant style and her love for experimenting with makeup, and there's nothing wrong with that when she's staying in her cultural lane.

The whole Kardashian family gathered to celebrate Grandma MJ's 85th birthday, and Kris Jenner shared a few photos from the event. 

Kris Jenner received some criticism, too, on this post — for not featuring the birthday girl herself. Countless comments asked "Where's MJ?" and some were antagonistic toward the family matriarch for excluding her mother in the birthday shoutout. "My squad celebrating MJ’s birthday! #love #family #rideordie," Jenner captioned the post. 

Other than the birthday messages, some had a few thoughts about North's style in the fourth family photo. 

Some people thought that North's look was inappropriate for a 6-year-old. 

Whether or not the look is appropriate for a tot is no one's business except for her mother's. But some haters called Kardashian out anyway. "Kims letting north grow up too fast dark makeup/lipstick now piercings smh," one commenter wrote. 

"Why on earth does North have a nose ring," another person commented. And, someone else posted, "why df kim let north have a faux nose ring she too [redacted] grown." 

While plenty of people hated on the look, one person supported the young fashionista's style.

A commenter wrote, "northie is so stylish." The oldest of Kim's four children loves to play with makeup and experiment with her style. Coming from the famous family, she certainly has access to premiere cosmetics, designer brands, and fashion-forward jewelry. North was also the youngest member of the family to ever be featured on the cover of a fashion magazine

The famous mom of North clarified that it was a fake nose ring, insinuating that people need to calm down. 

Fake jewelry is totally acceptable for kids, and it's a great alternative in case North ever actually wanted to pierce her face at an older age. 

"Fake nose ring alert!!!" Kardashian shared her mom's photo to her own Story to clear up any confusion. Besties North and Penelope pose with P's mom, Kourtney, and their cousin True, with her mom, Khloé.

Someone else hated on North's look, but this time for a more valid reason — she appropriated Indian culture by wearing a bindi. 

"Why is north wearing a bindi?" one person commented with a few angered emojis. The nose ring is a much less significant problem when compared to the cultural appropriation Kardashian allowed with this addition to her look. 

The 6-year-old is too young to fully grasp the complexities of cultural appropriation, but Kim should be well aware considering she's one of the most infamous and appropriative celebrities in the industry. Plus, Kardashian recently came under fire for appropriation of the word "Kimono" in her shapewear launch and had also been called out for wearing bindis.

Kardashian shared two shots of her daughter at the party. 

Kardashian has already taught her daughter the technique of a good pursed-lip selfie. While experimenting with fashion is wholly acceptable, and a great form of self-expression, it's also important to understand the implications of wearing a different culture's garb. While North's clip-on nose ring is a cute addition to her look, the bindi raises questions. 

Either way, the Kardashian mom clearly approved of her daughter's look, and it's really only her business. 

Kim shared another cute shot to her Story with her oldest child. Mom-shamers didn't get Kardashian down and definitely don't hold enough power over her to affect any kind of change in her parenting style. After parenting four kids, we'd hope she has it under control.