Kim Kardashian West is a mother to four happy and healthy children: 6-year-old North, 3-year-old Saint, 1-year-old Chicago, and 4-month-old baby Psalm. So I think it's safe to say she understands how to be a parent. 

That doesn't stop followers from coming for her (or any of the Kardashian sisters for that matter) every time she makes a controversial parental decision

In a recent Instagram post, the 38-year-old showed off a touching photo with her oldest daughter. But many were quick to point out the huge hoops North was wearing. The young fashionista probably loved the trendy style, but many thought the look was too mature for a kid. 

Kim Kardashian West shared an adorable photo with her daughter, but people were more interested in the earrings she wore. 

Kim and North stare into each other's eyes and make a cute pinky promise in this post. The adorable family has spent the summer jumping from one beach vacation to another. Both North and Kim sported oversize accessories and looked tropical in their bathing suits. But North's giant hoops were judged by some. 

One commenter thinks North is growing up way too fast. 

Whatever the little girl wears is up to her and her mom, not the random opinions of others. If Kardashian West was concerned about the look, she wouldn't have let her daughter wear it. 

This commenter thinks that Kardashian West is letting her daughter wear too-mature accessories. "Kim ur letting ur daughter wear hoops that big what the [redacted].... she has grow up to fast...," they wrote. 

More people went off in the comments at the grown-up look. 

"Wow!!! Sad!!! That little girl will never be a little girl," one person wrote about the picture. As a daughter of one of the biggest celebrities in the world, North is going to have to face challenges that "normal" children will never experience. But she also has the pros of living in the spotlight. Either way, right now she's living her best 6-year-old life and doesn't need the judgment of strangers on the internet. 

Comparing your parenting skills to others is irrelevant, because every family is different. 

One person wrote, "So cute but my daughter WOULD NEVER be wearing those big hoop earrings at such a young age; come on, mama, keep your baby girl humble! Some beautiful diamond [studs] fit so much better on a young girl." 

Anyone who follows the Kardashian West family knows how much Northie loves dressing up in extravagant styles. Sure, diamond studs are the go-to look for some little girls, but North is a big-hoops kind of kid. 

The little fashionista was probably so excited that she got to try out the new style. 

In a previous Instagram post, Kardashian West showed off North's style choices. On their trip to Japan, she was allowed to pick out every one of her outfits, and Kardashian West was impressed. Coming from a family of fashion lovers, with a dad who is an actual designer, it's only a matter of time before North has her own line. 

While there were many shamers in the comments section, some stood up for the famous mom. 

One commenter told it straight — what North wears is none of anyone's business except for her and her mother's. "People hate so much that North is wearing hoops. Like, are you the mother? No. Let Kim decide what she can and can't wear. North is her daughter anyway. She looks supercute and sassy!" 

Those closest to the reality star would agree: Kardashian West is a great mom to her four adorable babies. 

The working mom shared a rare photo of all four kids together in one shot, and was impressed that it happened. She shared, "I thought taking a pic with three kids was hard, OMG this is almost impossible!" 

After her photo with North, all of her famous friends and family loved the look and commented positive messages of support. Khloé Kardashian wrote, "You two are amazing!!!! Besties for life."