It seems like anytime Kim Kardashian does anything, people have opinions about it. And the peanut gallery is always typing at their laptops when Kardashian shares photos of her children. Now Kardashian is getting mommy-shamed again — this time, for three distinct reasons from people who think they know better, thanks to a photo on her Instagram. Let's break down the latest manufactured Kardashian drama.


The ~controversy~ started when she posted the Kardashian-West family photo for Christmas Eve.

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the internet, not a hair was out of place on the Kardashian family portrait. Jokes aside, they look great! In my family, we don't do elaborately staged holiday photo shoots with impeccable luxury styling for private parties, but hey, every fam is unique, right?


This was the photo that really kicked off the mommy-shaming.

In the photo, North is holding a lip color from Auntie Kylie's makeup line (presumably the one she's wearing) and donning a sparkly pink suit. If she looks less-than-pleased to be taking pictures, it's because she wasn't feeling 100%. "My poor baby North wasn’t feeling good on a Christmas Eve, she had the stomach flu. You can see she wasn’t feeling well," wrote Kardashian on Instagram. "But she wanted to go to go to [sic] the party so badly." North is already learning the first rule about fame: Fake it till you make it.


Folks had Thoughts and Opinions and Feelings, as they are wont to do.

Kardashian wasn't just mommy-shamed for letting North wear makeup (again). She was also slammed for North's outfit (again), which some saw as too "masculine" for a young girl, and for "forcing" her to get dressed up for photos and the holiday party. Excuse me while I bang my head against my desk.


Let's groan at some of these comments.

photo: Instagram/kimkardashian

"Let North be a kid.. OMG that make up...," wrote Instagram user @titinavarro66, as though kids and makeup can't coexist. Another user, @sleepnsnacks, commented, "Hi Kim plz stop putting make up on your six year old thanks." Yes, Kardashian is absolutely going to listen to the randos on her Instagram feed about how to raise her own daughter.


People even attacked North's outfit.

This is where the criticism gets seriously gross. Kardashian was subjected to rude comments about North's objectively adorable suit, all of them transphobic and cis-normative in nature. "Poor thing she looks like a dude straight up! She should be wearing a beautiful dress like her mommas or something more classy and girlie," wrote Instagram user @val_kassin. UGHHHH. Another user clutched their pearls, writing, "Oh no! Please don’t start North on a gender bending journey with her clothes!" 

I can't even believe this needs to be said, but a little girl's choice of clothing is no one's business, a mother's choice of clothes for her child is no one's business, and how a child's clothing relates to their gender identity — it if does! — is really, really no one's business. Grossness all around.


Kardashian was also shamed for bringing North to the photo shoot and party while she wasn't feeling well ...

...even though she clearly wrote that North "wanted to go to go to [sic] the party so badly." Kardashian tells her followers why North looks bummed and explains that North wanted to be a part of the family's Christmas Eve party anyway. Apparently, that was too much for some people. "If North wasn’t feeling good and had a stomach bug you should have stepped up as a parent and kept her HOME. not at a party where she could get lots of others sick through the new year," wrote @yaaasss.queen — apparently not understanding that no 6-year-old would get out of bed if they were too sick to function. North knows her limits, and her mother knows her limits. End of story.

Here's hoping that in 2020, the internet can learn to keep quiet and quit mommy-shaming celebrities on social media. I realize that's a tough ask, but please, can we nix this behavior in the New Year? Please?