Ever the hair chameleon, Kim Kardashian just changed up her style again. This time the color swap comes in honor of her '90s-inspired matte makeup collection. 

The mom of four has kept busy this summer with her So Fire eye shadow palette, body makeup, shapewear, and even more launches. 

The entrepreneur often wears wigs or extensions to switch up her hairstyles, but the latest look appears completely natural. The lighter shade of brunette with blonde highlights feels nostalgic of the '90s era. Many think she should go even lighter and perhaps even revisit her honey blonde look. 

Kardashian's signature hairstyle as of late is a nearly black bob. 

Rarely does the reality star step out in anything other than her signature black hairstyle. Occasionally she'll rock down-to-her-butt extensions, but always sticks to the dark tone. Now she's gone lighter and looks like she's grown out her natural hair to a trendy long bob. 

It appears as if the makeup mogul has let her bob grow out and dyed it a shade or two lighter with blonde highlights. 

In honor of her '90s matte makeup collection releasing on August 16, Kardashian has completely changed her hair. The blonde streaks and curled ends are so reminiscent of the era that has become such a trend. This color is undoubtedly going to be hair inspiration for the season to come. Hairdressers, get ready to be shown this picture of Kardashian at all of your next appointments. 

Why stop here, Kim? Some people think she should go all the way back to blonde.

TV personality Olivia Pierson loved the star's lighter look, She commented, "Think it's time for BLONDE KIM again." It's been years since the celebrity had that honey blonde color, but she went fully platinum, which she said destroyed her roots. I'd say it's unlikely she goes back to that color unless it's a wig. 

The '90s vibe is definitely making a comeback, and the savvy businesswoman is milking it. 

"Omgggg this whole look is my goal everyday! Love that 90s classic beauty," commented Jade Marie, a makeup artist. Nostalgia is in, and Kardashian knows how to capitalize on a trend. So of course she'd decide to create an entire look inspired by that era. 

Her new makeup collection is '90s-inspired, and the beauty queen has been feeling nostalgic. 

"I’m so excited to announce my new 90’s inspired collection of all matte formulas- The Matte Smoke & Matte Cocoa Collections!!!" the makeup mogul wrote on her Instagram. "I get a lot of my makeup inspiration from the 90’s and love how nostalgic this entire collection is." 

The collection consists of two eye shadow palettes, six lipsticks and lip liners, and five different eyeliners. 

She switched up her hair for the announcement of her summer eye shadow palette and then went immediately back to her signature style. 

When Kardashian announced the So Fire collection, she donned a blonde wig, so it's possible that her current light brown hairstyle will only be here for a short time. But the brunette color looks so natural on the star that it feels all too real. Plus, it's only a slight change from her normal hair look; it wouldn't be so out-of-the-box for her to keep the new shade. 

For now, say goodbye to her dark bob and hello to this light brown one. 

Whether it's just for her '90s makeup promotion or here to stay, I am loving the star's new style. But Kardashian's iconic black bob is clearly her comfort zone. Either way, her hair is always looking flawless. 

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