We may be in the midst of a serious crisis, but Kim Kardashian is still selling things. A quick look through her Instagram stories shows that she's been posting heavily about her SKIMS shapewear line, as though people really need those products right now (hint: we don't). Sorry, Kim, but no one is wearing control briefs while they're bingeing Netflix shows and movies.

But that's not the only thing Kardashian is trying to hawk. She's getting dragged for promoting a so-called "disaster kit" from her friend's company, for all the reasons you can imagine.

The disaster kit company is called Judy.

Judy is the new business venture from publicist Simon Huck, who is in the Kardashian orbit, having appeared on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. He also briefly had his own reality spinoff show called The Spin Crowd. Now he's peddling disaster kits.

What's inside the kits?

As the brand explains on Instagram, the kits contain items that are intended to be used for natural disasters. This includes items like batteries, flashlights, phone chargers, food, and water. They come in plastic crates, fanny packs, or rugged backpacks, depending on your needs. The kits range in price from $60–$250, per its website.

They're trying to capitalize off the coronavirus pandemic.

Disaster kits are fine. Everyone should be prepared in case of an emergency, sure. These are all normal things. Unfortunately, we're not living in normal times, and disaster kits aren't helping people who are stuck at home. It's not the most essential thing right now. 

Judy is using the coronavirus epidemic as a selling point, when its product doesn't contain anything that actually address the epidemic. It doesn't contain masks, latex gloves, sanitizers, thermometers — things that people, especially health care workers, desperately need right now.

Here's where Kardashian comes in.

When she hasn't been posting about SKIMS, Kardashian recently posted an Instagram story to promote Judy — and she used a photo of herself wearing an N95 mask. It's an older photo, to be sure, but LET'S UNPACK THIS.

N95 masks are a precious resource for health care workers right now.

N95 masks, which are manufactured by 3M, are the gold standard in facial covering used in health care settings. Right now, they're in desperate supply at hospitals and clinics all over the country as workers care for a rapidly increasing number of COVID-19 patients. The masks are crucial in preventing health care workers from contracting the virus.

It's tone-deaf AF.

Regardless of how you feel about celebrities peddling their products during this crisis, one thing is true: Posting the photo is incredibly tone-deaf. It's tactless, it's thoughtless, and it underscores how famous people are truly out of touch.

Kardashian can enjoy quarantine in her giant home with every amenity; nurses, doctors, and other essential workers aren't so lucky.