She posted these ~brilliant ideas~ on Twitter.

"Some fun things to do while at home during self quarantine," Kardashian wrote on Twitter. "Practice doing hair & makeup, bake with your children (cookie decorating is the best with my kids!), looking at apps, trying new fun things, board games and spring cleaning."

Kim!!! Thanks for your suggestions. None of us have thought of these things. Thank you, THANK YOU, for your tips during this pandemic! Wow. We're so blessed to have you looking out for us.

Sigh. Predictably, Kardashian deleted the tweet shortly after she posted it.

People were just plain confused.

"Look at apps." What does that mean? How does one look at apps? As you can imagine, Twitter immediately began buzzing with people wondering what she was talking about. I mean, people typically use apps, rather than stare at them on their phones. But OK, Kim, thanks for your advice.

Other people immediately rolled their eyes.

Writer Brandon Stosuy made the salient point that, right now, most Americans are concerned with paying their bills. There were 6.6 million unemployment claims for the month of March 2020 — most of us don't have the luxury of "looking at apps."

Her tweet was just plain patronizing.

Look, no one is saying that Kardashian purposefully intended to be condescending to her 64.5 million followers. But let's be real: Her suggestions are incredibly patronizing to those people who still have responsibilities during the quarantine.

Maybe celebs should just ...

... stay quiet? This is such a scary, uncertain time for so many people — people are dying, getting sick, losing their jobs, can't afford rent and mortgage payments, and can't leave their homes. We need a lot of things — but celebrities suggesting we "look at apps" or singing "Imagine" to us are not on that list. It costs nothing to say nothing.