Fact: There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing Spanx. There's nothing shameful about it (and you don't have to be a certain size to wear ANY form of shapewear).

But it looks like UK talk show "Loose Women" didn't get that memo, because the hosts just attacked Kim Kardashian for wearing two pairs of Spanx underneath her tightest outfits.

The shaming started when one of the panelists turned the conversation toward shapewear.

Loose Women Kim Kardashian
photo: ITV

"I think shapewear was invented to make women feel bad about themselves," Janet Street Porter said. "It was invented to humiliate them and to say there's something so wrong with you, you need to put yourself through this sort of torture. It's no different to a Victorian corset."

Except wearing shapewear doesn't imply there's "something so wrong with you." It literally means you want to wear shapewear. Nothing more.

This led to talk about Kim Kardashian.

Kardashian has revealed before that she wears two pairs of Spanx underneath tight outfits.

The "Loose Women" panelists couldn't quite wrap their minds around that. 

"That must explain that funny, pouty look on her face!" panelist Anne Diamond exclaimed. "She can't breathe, poor woman!"

The shaming only got worse from there.

One of the other panelists, Singer Colleen, brought up Kardashian's booty.

"That's obviously why her bottom's so big," she said. "Because all the fat's gone to her bum."

First of all, that's not how shapewear works. A pair (or two or three) of Spanx doesn't magically redistribute your fat. Spanx isn't plastic surgery.

Additionally, shaming Kardashian for the size of her bum is juvenile, wrong, and simply not OK. Making fun of anyone's body is cruel.

And really, so what if she chooses to wear Spanx? It's no one's decision but her own, and if she chooses to wear multiple pairs, then that's on her!

Kardashian is FAR from the only celebrity to wear Spanx, too.

Beyonce Spanx
photo: Splash

Beyoncé wears FOUR PAIRS of stockings underneath her tour costumes. Sarah Hyland wears them. Chrissy Teigen, Tina Fey, Mindy Kaling, and Kylie Jenner wear Spanx. All of those women have different bodies, and they have all copped to wearing Spanx underneath their outfits

Shaming a woman for wearing shapewear is STILL body shaming. It's no one's damn business what someone chooses to wear underneath their clothes, and we should be well past judging other women for what they choose to wear under their dresses.

Grow up.