Kim Kardashian has been serving all of her best wedding looks in preparation for her latest launch with KKW Beauty. 

Her latest collection will drop on her fifth wedding anniversary to Kanye West. On Wednesday, the reality star shared a series of shots from their big day — but there were a few errors. Fans were quick to point out some major caption faux pas. 

Honestly, she has a lot on her plate, with a new baby, working toward a law degree, and the drop of the Mrs. West beauty collection. I'm sure the last thing on her mind was spell-checking her latest Instagram post. But shouldn't the multimillionaire have people to do that kind of thing for her?

Kardashian captioned this five-year anniversary post with a few *egregious* spelling errors.

Her post told the story of how she was running late for her ceremony. She and her glam team were rushing from Paris to Italy (relatable) to make it on time. The highly revered Italian singer-songwriter Andrea Bocelli carried the tune as Kim walked down the aisle. 

Sharing these amazing memories was lost on a few fans who couldn't handle the misspelling of Bocelli's name and the two incorrect usages of "isle." She updated her caption to correct Bocelli's name from "Bonelli to Bocelli" and fixed one of the incorrect "isles" to "aisle." 

Here's her original, unedited caption:

"This was my wedding day almost 5 years ago in Italy. We flew in from Paris and our glam was rushed as we were trying to make it on time! We barely got my veil in as I was being pushed out the door so fast to walk down the isle because Andrea Bonelli had started singing and I couldn’t miss it. I had no idea it was really him until I got to the isle and screamed inside! So many amazing memories."

People were livid at her misspelling of the Italian icon Andrea Bocelli. 

Kardashian must have made a typo, as she knows the Italian singer's name and has said it correctly in interviews before. That didn't stop fans from dragging her for including the wrong letter in the spelling. It was an honest mistake, and she made the effort to correct herself. People roasted her in the comments for the awkward moment.

One person cut deep by bringing in her latest academic efforts. 

"Kim you want to be a lawyer but don't know the difference between "aisle" and "isle" ..." one person commented on her post. That insult seems like a bit of a stretch, a few spelling errors does not negate one's ability to attend law school. Kardashian has been hard at work prepping for the bar exam, not to mention raising her four children and running her entire beauty and reality empire. I say cut Kim some slack for her mistake. 

Clearly she's capable of writing, as she wrote the foreword to Alice Marie Johnson's memoir. 

Kardashian famously helped grant Alice Marie Johnson clemency for her non-violent crime, in which she was sentenced unfairly. Now Johnson has written a memoir about life after prison with a foreword by the lawyer-to-be. 

"Just finished reading @AliceMarieFree ‘s book! I wrote the forward for her amazing life story. Thank you Alice for sharing so much of yourself with us. Everyone go out and get her book! You will love it!" Kardashian wrote, tweeting an image of the book and a link; it is available for purchase on Amazon

Kardashian has far more important things to worry about than a few simple spelling mistakes, like celebrating her anniversary with Kanye West. 

The duo were married on May 24, 2014, and are about to celebrate their fifth year as a married couple. A lot has happened in those five years, but the two have stayed strong in their love for each other. "5 years and 4 kids life couldn’t be better!" the happy mother and wife tweeted a week prior to their anniversary. 

She announced earlier this month that she'd release a collection on her fifth anniversary. 

The line, titled the Mrs. West Collection, will appropriately release on her and West's anniversary. Kardashian has promoted the line with a campaign inspired by her Italian nuptials. This photo even includes that iconic white flower wall that broke the internet following her wedding. 

The beauty mogul shared that her friends and family have all given positive responses to the collection.

"Mrs. West Collection is dropping this Friday on my actual anniversary I have sent this collection of shadows, blush, hi lighter, lip stick, lip liner and gloss to all of my friends and I have never gotten a response like this from everyone loving the colors so much! Makes me so happy! I know you all will love it," she wrote.  

The collection will feature these array of products. 

The entire collection is $100 for a six-pan eye shadow palette, a pink nude lipstick, a warm nude lip liner, a nude gloss, a champagne gold highlighter, and a mid-tone pink blush. The pieces are also being sold separately too. 

The names of the products are all Kimye wedding inspired, such as Flower Wall blush, Love lipstick and liner, Forever highlighter, Soulmate gloss, and the Mrs. West eye shadow palette. 

The throwback wedding shots have not stopped since she announced the launch. 

The entire makeup collection is inspired by her wedding makeup that her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic crafted. It's all very Kim K inspired, with nude lips and shimmery eye shadows. 

"The Mrs. West Collection by #KKWBEAUTY is inspired by the iconic look @makeupbymario created for @kimkardashian on her actual wedding day," the makeup line account posted. 

The packaging is also wedding-themed, with photos from the actual ceremony on the boxes. 

The packaging features gorgeous shots from the actual wedding day. This lipstick box features a delicate picture of the bride's ring, dress, and bouquet. The collection's box features the iconic flower wall with sunshine streaming through Kardashian West's veil. With a May release, the collection is dropping just in time for wedding season. 

On top of the rest, the West family just revealed their fourth child's name: Psalm West. 

The famous mother-of-four is busy at work, but took some time to share a first look at her baby boy. The Kardashian Wests have been notoriously spiritual lately, with Sunday Services happening frequently, so the Biblical name didn't come as too much of a surprise. 

Clearly, the reality star has way more important business and her family to focus on. The trolls in her comments section didn't seem to get her down too much, and it will surely have no effect on the likely successful drop of her upcoming collection.