Kim Kardashian West
photo: Splash News

When Kim Kardashian announced that she'd be releasing a documentary about her criminal justice reform efforts, she received backlash and criticism. But now that the trailer has dropped, many fans are expressing that they're feeling inspired and ready to tackle the system. 

Last year, Kardashian revealed she wanted to become a lawyer and help more people who were wrongfully incarcerated, like Alice Marie Johnson, whom Kardashian helped free in 2018. The reality star has been studying for law school and working with legal representatives to continue that fight and hear from people who have been imprisoned. 

In her new documentary series Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project she will dive deep into her work and shine a light on the United States' mass incarceration problem. 

Kardashian is passionate about criminal justice reform, and has been an advocate for the past few years. 

The trailer shows Kardashian visiting prisons and meeting with inmates to hear their stories. "There is a mass incarceration problem in the United States," the mother of four opened up. Many of the stories reveal a corrupt system that wrongfully incarcerates people for life. 

Kardashian has been working hard in her many business ventures, but law school was her most surprising career shift. 

Many were surprised to hear that Kardashian was going into the legal world, but it has turned out to be a perfect fit. Kardashian studies hard for her law school exams and has even been working on this documentary to bring this issue into the mainstream.

When the documentary series was first announced, it received initial backlash. 

Some people on Twitter expressed concern that this series was exploitative and done for financial reasons. But after the past year of work that Kardashian has shown, that's hard to believe. Although she is bringing together the two worlds she is most comfortable in — the reality TV sphere and the legal one. 

Alice Marie Johnson was the first person she helped gain clemency. 

Johnson was a first-time, non-violent offender sentenced to life in prison without parole, and Kardashian was moved by her story. It sparked something in the 39-year-old, who vowed to help her get out of prison. It worked, and in June 2018 Donald Trump granted clemency to Johnson after 21 years of incarceration. 

Kardashian already inspired other law students studying criminal justice with the trailer.

One person tweeted, "Watching the KKW justice project trailer nearly brought me to tears. I’m a criminal justice student and I’ve been feeling so discouraged and unmotivated. I chose this major because I wanted to help people and this really just pumped me up to get up and finish what I started."

The media mogul responded with three white hearts to her fan. Hopefully, the documentary series does its part in providing attention to an underreported issue in the US. It's clearly already inspiring the next generation of criminal justice lawyers.