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The Tristan-Jordyn cheating scandal finally broke on Keeping Up With The Kardashians months after the actual incident happened in real life. 

Naturally, the famous sisters slammed Jordyn Woods on camera for her betrayal, but it's one specific comment from Kim Kardashian that has the internet truly disgusted. As one way to bash Kylie Jenner's former best friend, Kim called out Woods: "She provides for her whole family off of what [Kylie] has given her." Yikes. 

The Kardashian-Jenner family may be wealthy beyond belief, but by no means are their "handouts" the way Woods and her family were making their living. People were understandably upset by Kim's insensitive comments and even called her out for having a white savior complex. 

How quickly Kim is willing to shade Woods, a black woman, for profiting off of the famous family is especially disappointing considering how often Kim has profited from appropriating black culture. 

The sisters all discovered Woods' part in the cheating scandal in part one of the season's final episodes, and they had plenty to say. 

Four out of the five Kar-Jenner sisters gathered on a phone call to discuss what they'd just learned about Khloé's ex, Tristan, and Kylie's then best friend Jordyn. 

"She was like, 'I love you, my loyalty is always to you,'" Khloé started. "What are you talking about? 'Loyalty is to you,' this is like the biggest contradiction ever," Kim replied. 

"Kylie, she provides for her family off of what you have given her. And the disrespect of just... like, she has to know that there is a problem," Kim said. 

Then Khloé bashes Jordyn further, "She's blaming him. She's like 'I was so naive.'" And Kylie responded, "It's just wrong."

True, Kim is fighting back to defend her sister, but she also has to know that this statement is a problem. No matter how angry she was in the moment, this comment needs to be addressed. 

It doesn't matter how upset Kim was at Woods; it's an unacceptable thing to say and was offensive to a whole race of people she so often profits from. 

"Every time I gain a little respect for Kim Kardashian she says or does something that I am completely turned off by. The fact that she made such an ugly comment about Jordyn Woods, a Black woman, I am reminded of how her & her sisters are profiting off the backs of Black women," one person who criticized the reality star wrote on Twitter. 

To assume that Woods needed the help of the Kardashian/Jenners to "provide" for her family is wrong and, honestly, a racist sentiment. 

Not only did Kim say that Kylie helped Woods financially, but also that Khloé provided her with a career boost. 

Kim's derogatory words are hurtful to not only Woods, individually, but is an example of "white savior complex." FYI, that's the notion that people of color need the help of white people in power, mostly in a way that is perceived as self-righteous. 

In the clip, Kim says that Kylie gave Woods the ability to provide for her family. Later in the episode, Kim said that Khloé boosted Woods' modeling career by giving her a job with her denim brand. 

One person on Twitter noted the ignorance of what the reality star said: "Kim’s 'she provides for her whole family off of what you have given her' tells you everything you need to know about her white saviour complex."

Let's not forget that Woods comes from the same well-off L.A. suburb that the Kardashians made famous: Calabasas. 

Woods isn't some damsel in distress; she comes from a well-off family and attended the same high school as Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Plus, she and her family are close personal friends with Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, along with their two kids, Willow and Jaden (because Woods' father produced Fresh Prince of Bel-Air). One person noted how this information made Kim's comment even more ignorant.

"Kim must really have a white savior complex to say that Kylie gave Jordyn the ability to provide for her family. If Jordyn lived in the same zip code as Kylie to be able to go to school with her then her family obviously has money too," the tweet reads. 

Some people pointed out that Khloé's bestie, Malika Haqq, is in a similar position as Jordyn was pre-scandal. 

Kim's comment clearly represents how the family feels about their wealth and power. One person wrote on Twitter that they were happy for Woods' ability to separate from the family entirely: "When Kim Kardashian said Kylie Jenner provides for Jordyn’s entire family, I was like wow that’s awful. I’m so glad Jordyn Woods got away from that family and is living a life to support herself." 

In the same way that Woods is "a part of the family," so is Khloé's long-time best friend, Haqq, who is also a black woman. The tweet continues, "Is that how Malika is living with Khloe?!?" 

Any negative image of the family is entirely left out of the episode's narrative, unsurprisingly.

Throughout the scandal, one of Khloé's biggest complaints was that Woods didn't come and talk to her or apologize to her directly. Of course, the episode left out the fact that Woods was getting consistent harassment online, as this person noted on Twitter. 

"I love how they conveniently left out how @KimKardashian @ForeverMalika @larsapippen was bullying and harassing @jordynwoods for an entire week while this was happening. #KUWTK #Khloe #Kardashians I'm sure she felt real comfortable coming to you to talk," they wrote.

E! News caught up with Woods after the episode's trailer aired, and she seemed pretty unbothered. 

Despite the harmful message Kim's comment delivered, and the incessant bashing of Woods, the 21-year-old model had more important business on her mind, like her thriving activewear line and a size-inclusive collection collab with Boohoo, available on June 26. 

"Life moves on; money doesn't stop, the world doesn't stop. And hopefully everyone is going forward... [I'm] getting into acting, I have my activewear line and more designing, and really just moving forward and keeping positive people around me," she said in the interview.