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After shutting down the entire modus operandi of Taylor Swift's career with Snapchats of the video footage of Swift agreeing to Kanye's line in "Famous," Kardashian's PR team must be feeling really good about themselves. 

And whether it was planned or not, this Elle interview Kim gave at the Revolve party in Southhampton she hosted Saturday (July 16) sure paints her in a super intelligent, super woke light. It's her first interview since last night's #KimExposedTaylorParty, and it's totally worth a read.

Here are some excerpts from the interview, which you can read in full here

On balancing being one half of a power couple and giving each other advice:

Kanye and I give advice to each other on a daily basis... [last night], I had him up at one in the morning because I was showing him different makeup techniques... I was like, "Come on, babe! This is really important to me! I want to do this tutorial; I have a whole new idea." He was trying to be supportive, but literally, we ask each other about everything we are doing creatively... We are constantly asking each other for creative feedback.

On teaching daughter North the tips and tricks to being a good big sister:

Right now, because she's three, it's time to talk a lot about sharing. And North is great at sharing. She's still getting the concept of having a brother, though... I like to bring her in to say "good morning." She still wants things to be all about her, because she's three! But planting that seed every morning that the day starts with you and your brother, that's how I've been doing it. 

I would read Kim's book on parenting advice for sure.

On how she is teaching her kids about the Black Lives Matter movement and race in America:

We talk about race in America every single day in our house... Kanye's just really vocal and I definitely know that our kids will grow up having a really good sense of their different backgrounds. I know Kanye is so excited to talk to them about how he grew up.

On what she cherishes about children:

As [little kids], they don't grasp how they might be different from other little kids. They don't understand color, or background, and that's why children are so amazing.

On what she'd buy with a $100 gift card to the Sherman Oaks Galleria food court:

I would spend it all on Orange Chicken with Chow Mein Noodles [from Panda Express], throw in extra fortune cookies, and that's all I would want. I just more recently got more into Cinnabon, but I'll never crave it like I crave Panda Express.

Did you ever envision an America where Kim Kardashian was more likable than Taylor Swift? Not us. Never in a million years.