Kim Kardashian wears hair in braids and is accused of cultural appropriation
photo: Splash News

There was more than one controversy at Kanye West's season eight Yeezy fashion show in Paris. 

Kim Kardashian showed up wearing her hair in braids, and the internet is shaking its head. When will Kardashian learn not to culturally appropriate black women's hair? The reality star and mom-of-four seems not to care in the slightest about the backlash she faces every time she wears her hair in this style. 

Some people, like Brandy and Kardashian's ex Ray J, were actually supportive of the celebrity's choice to wear braids. However, many people on Twitter were offended by the look and called her out.

Kim Kardashian showed up to her husband's fashion show wearing his designs and braids. 

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Kardashian posed proudly in her husband's Yeezy designs. Unfortunately, people were paying little attention to her outfit and more to her concerning hairstyle. This isn't the first time Kardashian has worn hair specific to black women, and it probably won't be the last.

Some people consider Kardashian's look appreciation and not appropriation.

One Twitter user wrote, "#KimKardashian is married to Kanye West. They have kids that are half-black. She’s accused of #culturalAppropriation for braids. So White mothers of black children, must be raise their kids with black culture but without celebrating black culture themself? Got it."

But another person spelled out exactly why this is wrong.

Kardashian has never been discriminated based on her hairstyle. The extremely successful reality star and businesswoman hasn't had to deal with the struggles black women face daily. One Twitter user explained it, "Because in America black women don’t get jobs because there hair is 'distracting' and not 'pleasing to the eye' but when white women do it it’s all of a sudden 'cute' and 'different' it’s basically disrespect and it’s happened to me before."

Kardashian, her daughter North, and her niece Penelope Disick all wore matching styles.

Kardashian attended the show with her sister Kourtney Kardashian, who opted for a sleek bun instead of matching braids. The two little ones wore matching braids, too, which had some people thinking the look was OK. "Twinning!" the family exclaimed in a video posted to Kardashian's Instagram Story.

Brandy and Ray J both thought the cultural appropriation accusations were a stretch. 

Brandy went so far as to call Kardashian's look a "compliment." Ray J said that the reality star (and his ex) was "paying homage to a culture."

Kardashian shared a throwback photo featuring a similar hairstyle.

Kardashian has sported braids in the past and gotten backlash for it. It doesn't seem like any of the criticism is taken to heart or she just doesn't believe that what she's doing is wrong. None of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters seem to believe that their influence or style is inappropriate as they continue to wear these looks without care.

Kardashian will probably continue wearing culturally appropriative styles.

"The cultural appropriation is strong with this one," one person replied to Kardashian's tweet. Perhaps Kardashian was just trying to match with her daughter and show her support at the show, but either way, it has drawn criticism, especially from black women on Twitter. It's time to listen to those opinions and rethink whether or not this style is wrong. Then again, Kardashians don't have the cleanest track record when it comes to appropriation.