Let's count the many, many times Kim Kardashian has been accused of cultural appropriation, shall we?

Most recently, there's her crimped hair "revival." Just last month, Vogue credited the celeb for bringing back the high, crimped ponytail — what many called out was merely an imitation of a hairstyle that black women have worn frequently for decades. Kardashian clapped back at the cultural-appropriation claims by clarifying she's always worn her hair that way — but that certainly didn't soften the blow for black women who felt the style they originated had been stolen from them.

That wasn't the first time Kardashian was responsible for stealing credit for black hairstyles. A couple years ago, Kardashian sported blonde Fulani braids, which she called "Bo Derek braids." Bo Derek was a white actress who wore the style in the '70s, although it was created by Fulani people in West Africa. 

And we'd be remiss if we didn't discuss the many times Kardashian was called a "culture vulture" for her repeated and unapologetic exploitation and use of black culture for monetary gain and press coverage. Most recently, internet users made the grand realization that Kardashian's highly covered fashion looks are almost entirely borrowed from iconic black model Naomi Campbell, who wore many of Kardashian's looks decades earlier in the '90s. 

Clearly, Kardashian has a hard time staying in her lane and knowing when to say no to an appropriative hairstyle, outfit, or accessory. And this week is no different. In the video below, see the latest Kardashian look that has fans up in arms about her blatant cultural appropriation. Did you think this was an appropriate move?