The hypocrisy of the general public will never cease to astound me. We're quick to condemn the Kardashian clan for their surgically enhanced features, and then freak out the second any of them look remotely human. 

Case in point: Kim Kardashian's ass. 

When this photo began making the rounds on the internet of Kardashian on a girl's vacation, people lunged at the opportunity to talk about the state of her butt.

photo: Twitter/TMZ

In it we can clearly see that cellulite (or perhaps aged injections) are prominent. 

The woman, is in fact, human. 

People just couldn't resist.

They came at her from the injection standpoint...

...down to all the ways in which it is "wrong."

Though, Kim herself remains utterly unbothered:

It is still so imperative to stop this kind of talk. 

You don't have to like Kim's body, but you should respect it. Regardless of what she as said or done, in spite of whatever hatred you have for her family, shaming her gets us nowhere. 

Whether she is riddled with cellulite or full of injections, it's her fucking body. And it's not your business.