Kim Petras just showed exactly how strong she is at her latest concert when homophobic protesters from the Westboro Baptist Church picketed her Kansas City stop. 

The singer is an open transgender woman, and a total queer icon. So when the infamously homophobic church threatened to picket her Kansas City concert during her Clarity tour, she said, bring it on. The measly group of protesters were nothing compared to the powerful woman, as she posed in front of them for pictures. 

Petras is in the midst of her touring concert — and she's absolutely killing it. Any protests have no business at her shows, and she made that message very clear. 

Petras posed with her haters, and let them know she couldn't care less. 

In a booty-baring bodysuit and fishnet tights, Petras posed with a peace sign across from the picketers at her show. Her NSFW caption showed the protestors exactly what she thought of them. Other celebrities like Katy Perry showed their support; fellow gay icon Todrick wrote, "Can this be your next album cover PLZ." 

The picketers threatened to come to her show in Kansas City, and then only a few showed up. 

Petras shared a number of photos from her photo shoot across from the WBC protestors, each one more sassy than the next. The artist killed them with kindness, and let them know it wasn't going to stop her in the slightest. 

It's totally their problem, and she's not letting it get to her. 

Petras shared a hilarious video with her same caption playing on repeat set to photos of her looking absolutely fantastic. After hearing that the WBC would be attending, she tweeted, "This is my official statement on WBC picketing my show in Kansas tomorrow. This is the energy I’m bringing n it should be yours too." 

And fans are stanning the unbothered queen. 

The already loyal fan group following Petras are totally in awe of her resilience and pride. One person tweeted a video of the singer with the protestors and wrote, "Kim Petras taking pics in front of the WBC picketing her show? Yeah, I don’t know a better person." 

Her Clarity album tour started in October, and now she's busily performing in cities across the country. 

The busy performer doesn't have time to worry about what haters think about her, especially disgusting homophobic or transphobic ones. So she just snapped a quick pic, and let her caption do the talking. The tour began in Seattle and is continuing all across the US, plus she's performing songs from her latest album Turn Off The Light.