Kirstie Alley donald trump
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Rather you're a Democrat, Republican, or neither, it doesn't take much to realize that Donald Trump's handling of the recent pandemic has been tumultuous. From false medical claims, inaccurate statistics, and now, his insistence on opening up the economy again, it's all beginning to feel like a circus. However, there are those that disagree, and one of those people is actress Kirstie Alley. 

She took to Twitter to publicly declare her support of the controversial president, and now she's getting torn to shreds about it.

We haven't heard from actress Kristie Alley in a while.

But with everyone heavy into social media given the days of social distancing, that's changing. "Dear Mr. President, @realDonaldTrump I wanted to thank you for ur recent decorum, sincerity, & care towards us," she tweeted seemingly out of nowhere. "You’re taking charge & leading in a manner needed & wanted for this country. I highly commend you for ur boundless energy & willingness to solve problems. Thank you."

Twitter began roasting Alley to no end. However, given her tricky past, the tweet wasn't really a surprise.

"Kirstie Alley is not to be taken seriously," someone tweeted about her. "She’s in a cult and thinks Scientology is a good & noble path." 

They have a point, Scientology is notoriously problematic.

Things got so bad for Alley that #scientologist began trending.

The rehashing of her religion made Twitter delve even deeper into her questionable beliefs. "Wow never thought #KirstieAlley would be one of these koolaid drinkers...but then again she's a scientologist," someone tweeted. "One idiot in two cults. Unbelievable." Ouch.

It's become almost routine for Alley to pop in and out starting small fires.

Just last year she was feuding with Bette Midler after Midler insisted that a group of Black men placed at Trump rallies were paid to do so, a theory accepted by many. "This is one of the most racist, degrading "jokes" I've seen on Twitter & that's saying a lot," Alley tweeted to Midler. "We get it Bette, you hate Trump & that's your right but to imply Black men have to be PAID to celebrate their OWN political views is pure and REAL racism. And "BLACKGROUND"?? WTF??!!" 

Twitter noted that she often insists on being inflammatory in her beliefs and then going back off the grid. "It's amazing to me that we cycle through a Kirstie Alley story about every five years, and that each time, she is more terrible than before," someone tweeted. :It's as if she sits at home, plotting her decline."

And then.... There was a dove situation?

In November of last year, Alley was accused of violating the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. "I see Kirstie Alley is trending and I’ve gathered it’s because she praised Trump? I can’t see anything because she BLOCKED me last year for calling her irresponsible for repeatedly taking baby doves out of their nest while their mother watched. Clowns gonna clown I guess," someone tweeted reminding of the incident.

And of course, it was the highlight of Trump's morning.

The controversial president of course retweeted the tweet. Because hey, in the midst of a global pandemic, Twitter is that important, huh? "Trump retweeted James Woods twice, Kirstie Alley and some guy with 900 followers who’s bio says “professional air guitarist” It’s okay though, we are in good hands. No need to panic," a tweet read.

Help us all.