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Beyoncé and Jay-Z attended the 50th annual NAACP Awards over the weekend, but it wasn't Beyoncé's award winning that got people's attention. A viral video is going around in which she's kissed twice by actor Omari Hardwick. Fans are upset because the second kiss came uncomfortably close to Mrs. Carter's lips, and it's caused an internet-wide conversation about consent and personal space. 

Women are talking about how uncomfortable Beyoncé looks in the video and are sharing similar experiences they've had during which men have gotten a little too close for comfort. Hardwick and the Carters have yet to respond to the online uproar, but 50 Cent somehow felt the need to make a joke out of it. 

Beyoncé and Jay-Z just attended the NAACP Image Awards together.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z attended the 50th Annual NAACP Image Awards on March 30. Beyoncé won the award for Entertainer of the Year and Jay-Z received the President's Award for "his special achievement and distinguished public service," according to Forbes. 

But Beyoncé got attention for a reason that had nothing to do with the awards themselves. An actor who also attended the awards show decided it was completely OK to kiss her — TWICE.

Actor Omari Hardwick kissed Beyoncé on the face two times in a video that went instantly viral on Twitter.

Omari Hardwick is an actor who's known for his roles in the movie For Colored Girls and the TV show Being Mary Jane. He won the award for outstanding actor in a drama series for his role in the show Power. In this video, you can see Hardwick greeting the Carters. He stops and poses for a picture with Jay-Z, then when he goes to greet Beyoncé, he kisses her on the cheek twice — which sounds just fine, but doesn't look very consensual.

Our queen and savior Beyoncé did not look pleased by the action.

First of all, how do you kiss a woman so close to her lips right in front of her husband? But did you see the look on Beyoncé's face? She looked pretty uncomfortable when she pulled away from Hardwick.

Beyoncé's fans didn't seem to like the kisses, either.

Fans quickly went online to discuss what might have happened. To many, it's clear that Beyoncé didn't want her personal space invaded like that but put on a kind face in front of Hardwick. Some said that this kind of interaction speaks to how women are expected to behave in public. Many women on Twitter shared their interactions with men who also came a little too close for comfort in public. 

Some people pointed out how this kind of forward behavior forces women into uncomfortable situations. 

Women on Twitter talked about times they were subjected to unwanted touches and gropes from men that they were forced into in very public arenas. This user posted a thread of tweets talking about the many ways this can happen. Because she was so close to her husband, Beyoncé may have felt she was safe from any forward advances. Her guard may have been down; fans could relate to that kind of situation. 

This user also specified that it was the second kiss people were most upset about. 

To me, and I'm sure to a lot of other people, there was just no apparent reason for Hardwick to kiss her twice — but the second kiss was very close to Beyoncé's lips, and people felt that was inappropriate. 

Even 50 freaking Cent had to chime in about this strange encounter.

Rapper 50 Cent and Hardwick both star in BET's TV show Power, and after hearing about Hardwick's kiss, he joked that Jay will kill his character off the show. 50 Cent posted the now viral video of Hardwick kissing Beyoncé on Instagram with the caption "Season 6 of POWER Jay Z kills Ghost don’t miss it we lit ????.????LOL jay was like????" 

It's always good to keep in mind that any physical contact requires the consent of all the people involved. 

I know that consent is talked about more in terms of sexual contact, but consent permeates all kinds of physical contact. When people have physical contact, it's important to take the time to simply ask if the contact is OK. When people don't know each other well, these kinds of conversations are especially important. I can't speak on the kind of relationship Hardwick has with Beyoncé or Jay-Z, but it's important to ask about these kinds of things if there is any doubt. 

Some people think the real blame lies with Jay-Z.

As Beyoncé's husband, I'm sure fans think that he should have stuck up for her. The clip of this whole incident ends shortly after we see that look on Beyoncé's face — Jay-Z is out of frame. So if he did say something to Hardwick, or if he even saw what happened, we don't know. Even if he didn't know, it's all over the internet now; some people feel it's Jay-Z's place to say something to Hardwick about what happened. 

Of course, men on Twitter still don't seem to think this is a big deal. They're wrong.

Men just don't live in the same world that women do. Our perspectives on things alter how we see the world around us, and people with different backgrounds can see the same event unfold in completely different ways. 

It makes sense that other men wouldn't see the harm in this kind of behavior, and it's quite possible that Hardwick didn't mean anything by his double kiss. The problem is that we don't ask for permission to be inside people's personal space — especially women's — often enough. We don't ask others if we can be physical with them when permission needs to be the default.