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The Game of Thrones finale hit everyone hard, but maybe no one had a more difficult time with the end of the series than Jon Snow actor Kit Harington. 

Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner both discussed their experience with depression and anxiety due to the show's wild popularity. Those two young actors have found new successes in their respective post-GOT ventures. 

Now that this era has come to an end, all of the stars have to rediscover their talents and come to terms with who they are post the fantasy saga. The near-decade-long series has been home to its many actors for a huge portion of their lives.

Harington has decided to enter a luxury rehabilitation and wellness center following the film's final episode premiere, according to Page Six. He is taking care of his mental health and putting his well-being first. 

Digital media network Page Six broke news of the star's stay in a luxury wellness center in Connecticut. 

According to multiple sources as reported by the outlet, Harington secretly checked into a facility for stress and alcohol use just ahead of the final episode's airing. The expensive wellness retreat focuses on mindful meditation and cognitive behavioral therapy to combat stress and negative emotions. The British actor checked in predominantly for stress and exhaustion but also for alcohol use. 

In January last year, the actor made headlines when he was kicked out of a New York City bar. 

This video surfaced of Harington's altercation over a game of pool at Barfly, a New York City dive bar. Apparently he was too drunk to understand the rules of a pool game, and the staff asked him to leave. Supposedly he returned the next day to pay his tab and apologize; he also left a generous tip. 

He's also been spotted drunk outside in London, Paris, and New York City. 

It's a shocking sight to see the always-composed Jon Snow looking so disheveled. On a night out in Paris, the star stumbled through the streets. He was also spotted ahead of his wedding in what was assumed to be his bachelor party. In his twenties Harington was known to be a party animal, but now that he's married and his Game of Thrones days are over, perhaps this wellness center is an attempt to settle down. 

In an interview, the Jon Snow actor shared how the show has affected his life. 

The GOT star shared that he thought the show was the epitome of original TV. His first scene was walking through Castle Black with the Night's Watch, and his character made a dramatic arc. The saga spanned the majority of his young adult life. 

"Game of Thrones means my twenties. It's been a decade of my life," Harington said. 

Saying goodbye to such a huge part of his life must have been an extremely difficult and overwhelming task. 

He met his wife, Rose Leslie, on the set of Game of Thrones. 

Rose Leslie Kit Harington "Game of Thrones" Ygritte and Jon Snow
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According to Page Six's sources, Leslie is being "extremely supportive" during the actor's rehabilitation. Another source shared that the ending of the series hit Harington really hard. His closest confidantes want him to get peace and quiet following the stressful end. This wellness retreat will allow him to rest and decompress. 

The actor has shared in multiple interviews and with friends that the end of the series took an emotional toll.

The final season has been an emotional time for Harington. The actor revealed to Variety, "I took off the costume, and it felt like my skin was being peeled away. I was very emotional. It felt like someone was shedding me of something.” 

Taking on this iconic role has been a difficult task for the young actor. During his early days, it was the struggle of living up to the fan hype and living with the stress of knowing his character could have been (and then was, sort of) killed off at any moment. And now it's learning how to let go of a huge part of his life. 

He also told Variety that his lowest point came after his character's death. 

Kit Harington Jon Snow death
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Harington told Variety, "My darkest period was when the show seemed to become so much about Jon, when he died and came back." According to multiple GOT stars, when their characters are killed off, the show runners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss will give the actor a call and thank them for their time. When Harington didn't receive the call he knew something was up. But it was a struggle playing a character that had such an intense fan reaction. 

"I really didn’t like the focus of the whole show coming onto Jon — even though it was invalidating my problem about being the weak link because things were about Jon."

The actors hear the fate of their characters in the table-read of the final script. 

In this clip from the Game of Thrones documentary, Harington gasps and places his hand over his mouth in shock after hearing his character will be the one to end Daenerys Targaryen's life. His eyes well with tears as Emilia Clarke (who plays Daenerys) chuckles and smiles at him. 

The cast also whoops and cheers when they hear that Maisie Williams' character Arya will be the one to deliver the final blow to the Night King. 

Harington was emotional at the news of his character's final act in the show. 

"Game of Thrones" Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow scene
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In his appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the actor shared that he cried over certain events in the final episode. During that reading, it's clear he is in complete shock at what his character will have to do. 

"I was very shocked and surprised at certain events, and then I blubbed my eyes out. I cried," Harington said to Fallon. 

And now his watch has ended. 

Jon Snow Kit Harington "Game of Thrones"
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Now that the final episode and the documentary have aired, it's truly the end of Game of Thrones. As difficult as it was for the star to come to terms with the show's end, his career surely is just beginning. The popularity of the show and his character is a likely sign that we haven't seen the last of Harington. 

Hopefully his time at the wellness center will allow him to recuperate and return healthier than ever.