Kourtney Kardashian has made it clear that her number-one priority is her kids. But the mom of three doesn't put off her professional passions, either, and has worked hard to build her lifestyle brand Poosh

After sharing weeks of travel content on her Instagram, some people shamed the working mom for taking too many vacations, and I can smell the envy in the air. From Kylie Jenner's luxurious Italian birthday vacation to a closer-to-home Idaho camping trip, the 40-year-old is a world traveler. 

Obviously Kardashian is a millionaire thanks to her family's successful reality series and the various business endeavors that landed her in the privileged spot she's at now. However, it doesn't give anyone a right to downplay her work ethic, just because she's able to travel and vacation with her family. 

Kourtney Kardashian took a family trip to Idaho shortly after a vacation in Italy. 

The reality star finished out a summer European tour through the Italian Amalfi Coast and then visited a completely different landscape in the United States. The famous mom showed off a few snaps from a camping trip with her kids and sister Kendall Jenner in Idaho. The family golfed against a picturesque landscape and spent time on the lake and camped in the woods. 

One person insinuated that Kardashian doesn't count as a working mother. 

"Kourtney, thank you for showing ppl how to be a DEDICATED MOM...," one person wrote on the star's post. Another person replied, "Uuuuuh I'm a dedicated mom, I think working moms are dedicated too ya know." 

The Poosh founder replied, "Who says I'm not a working mom? Because I most definitely am. Working mom's [sic] can be dedicated of course. As women, we should be supporting each other for what allows us to be our best, not being so critical and judgmental of each other. We all do things our own way." 

Another rude commenter also complained to the star that she doesn't work hard enough, as if it was anyone else's business. 

"Kourtney this is why ppl say u don't work girl," writes someone on her post. The star replied, "We all have our priorities. So I'll be making memories with my kids and amazing people while living my life to the absolute fullest. Travel diary coming soon on @poosh." Even though she's a jet-setter, clearly there's still work to be done and content coming out on her lifestyle site. 

Kardashian is too busy making fun memories to care about what anyone has to say about her. 

The oldest of the Kardashian sisters toured Portofino with the family. She captioned this series of stunning photos, "Once upon a time in Portofino ...," and posed with her kids at a various locations in the Italian city. Kylie Jenner and her family and friends toured the coast aboard a massive yacht.

Kardashian has expressed that her number-one focus will be her family, and she's lucky enough that work doesn't have to interfere. 

Most of the Kardashian-Jenner clan hustle hard, but Kourt prefers to take things slower. The celebrity reflected on spending time with her family in this sweet post: "Wow, I just had the most beautiful night with my kids watching the sunset, feeling overwhelmingly grateful for this past few weeks spent together in Italy and so in awe of God’s creation there was nothing for me to do but cry (happy tears)."

Before the European tour, Kardashian and her kids vacationed in Costa Rica. 

Feeling introspective, Kardashian captioned, "Focus on what you love and what fulfills you." The famous mom held her two youngest kids, 7-year-old Penelope and 4-year-old Reign on a boat in the jungle. Kardashian's daughter was joined by her cousin and bestie North West on the trip and posed in their own glamour shots. 

Before Costa Rica, Kardashian visited Bali. 

The social media star has been giving her 80 million followers all of the travel content, and now even more. "Travel Diary: Bali on poosh.com," she promoted in the caption. Coming up on her lifestyle site are even more travel diaries documenting her extravagant vacations to induce even more jealousy among critics and fans alike.