Kris Jenner has finally given the world a peek inside her closet, and it's literally like a fashion museum. Dee Hilfiger, Judith Leiber creative director and friend of the Kardashian matriarch, joined Jenner in her massive Calabasas closet to give us the tour of a lifetime.

Buckle up, ladies and gents. It's everything you've ever dreamed it would be.

"You have to remember that this is 62 years of collecting. So, it's not like this just happened all at once," Jenner warned Hilfiger. But, let's be honest, most 62-year-olds barely have a small section of her epic closet.

This is where the magic happens.

"We shoot a television show almost every single day, so we have to have a lot of options," Jenner said.

Those options include a humble collection of over 25 black blazers, a section for designer gowns, a room for shoes, and a museum of Judith Leiber handbags. Let's break it all down.

Naturally, she started off by showing Hilfiger her massive collection of black blazers, which she also happens to be wearing in the video.

When you think "black blazer," you probably think of Jenner, right? We count at least 25 here, but there's definitely more than that.

Tracksuits are the momager's go-to outfits on any given day, she told Hilfiger. That's probably why she has an unlimited number of them.

"This is what I wear every single day ... That's how I'm most comfortable," Jenner said.

Exhibit A.

These are boss-lady scarves, according to Jenner, and they are stashed in a standalone dresser/counter/table in the center of the closet.

"We could go to any meeting like this and rock it, right?" Jenner said to Hilfiger. I mean, she's not wrong — they do look fabulous!

We can't forget her collection of monogrammed Goyard luggage displayed on top of her shelves (how does she get it down?).

She has multiple pieces from the set embellished with her initials, plus a trunk with the word "momager" in all caps. It was a gift from Khloé Kardashian last Christmas, she said.

Oh, and she basically has a closet inside her closet just for shoes. What, you don't?

She admitted, though, that she has a hard time picking out a pair. "I'm not as good at it as I used to be. So, I'm always calling my cousin CiCi, going, 'CiCi, what do I wear with this?' " she explained.

Then there's her handbag collection, which is filled with a lifetime's worth of Judith Leiber pieces.

Her purse collection gives Kylie's a run for its money.

She showed off a handful of her favorites and they're all to die for.

Here's one Kylie gave her for Mother's Day.

And a rose-shaped crystal-coated clutch.

Honestly, Kris Jenner's closet might rival Disney World for the happiest place on earth.

Maybe money can buy happiness after all!

photo: E!

Adopt us, Kris!