Kristen Stewart Princess Diana
photo: Getty Images

Back in June, it was revealed that actress Kristen Stewart would be starring in the Pablo Larraín–directed biopic Spencer, a film that, according to Variety, chronicles “a critical weekend in the early ’90s, when Princess Diana decided her marriage to Prince Charles wasn’t working." And while the eagerly anticipated film set in 1992 won't be released until fall, a first look of Stewart in character has been released, and it's incredible. 

The photo was revealed by Neon Rated. 

Donning a red coat and Lady Di's signature hat, the resemblance is practically uncanny. "Kristen Stewart is Diana, Princess of Wales, in Pablo Larraín’s Spencer," the caption read. Stewart also seemed to be perfectly channeling Diana's facial expressions and mannerisms, showing off her acting chops once again. 

We'll be patiently awaiting Spencer's release.