Happy Endgame day! This weekend is the starting time for Marvel fans across the world to hit their local movie theater, sit there for three+ hours, and cry their eyes out as the longest running comic film franchise ever finally come to a close before beginning a new era. 

And if you've been a part of the Marvel fandom — or just nerd culture in general — for a while now, you know that seeing one of these movies on opening weekend almost demands a costume. You'll be remiss to find any theater within a 10-mile radius that isn't completely full of fans dressed as Captain America, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Black Widow, and more — the cosplayers are going to run the gamut, basically.

And as it turns out, mega-celebs Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are not above having some costumed fun in celebration of one of the biggest movie release days of all time. The duo used their superpower (money) together one of the most elaborate Avengers: Endgame cosplays Instagram has ever seen. The couple even gave themselves their own adorable her names — catch their power couple look in the video below.