Kylie Jenner may have celebrated her birthday with extravagant gifts, an Italian tour aboard a luxury mega yacht, and her annual birthday makeup collection, but she's showcasing what really matters on her Instagram — family. 

The 22-year-old posted the absolute sweetest video of Stormi singing along to "Happy Birthday" and shared snaps of herself with her 1-year-old daughter in Positano. Jenner was also accompanied on her birthday trip with her extended family and best friends including Kris Jenner, Scott Disick, Sofia Richie, Anastasia Karanikolaou, Travis Scott, and, of course, baby Stormi Webster. 

The way she says "mommy" at the end gave fans everywhere baby fever. 

Jenner taught her daughter the "Happy Birthday" song and sang along in this video captioned, "My babyyyy." The shy little girl nuzzled into her mom and adorably chimed in the song. Her shining moment, though, was singing "mommy," in the squeakiest voice. 

Jenner's sisters showed love for their niece in the comments section. 

Kendall Jenner commented, "kylieeee," with crying emojis. Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian posted their own tearful emojis demonstrating their love for the duo. Jenner may have received birthday shout-outs from friends, family, fellow celebrities, but this cute song was the only one that truly mattered. 

The family journeyed to Italy to vacation together in honor of Jenner's 22nd. 

"Perfect day in Positano," Jenner wrote on this series of photos with Stormi and Travis Scott. Jenner's boyfriend and Stormi's dad gifted Jenner a huge diamond lip necklace in addition to an elaborate display of roses she received days before her actual birthday. Jenner focused on the people who matter most in her life. 

The extravagant celebration took place aboard a yacht the size of a football field off the Italian coast. 

The star received birthday wishes from everyone in her life, and shared an image with a vibrant "22" floral arrangement. Typical for the billionaire, she shared in her riches with her family and friends, partying it up on the luxurious boat. Never taking a true vacation day, however, Jenner has been promoting the launch of her birthday makeup collection on Instagram. 

Other than posts about the Kylie Cosmetics release, she's focused on her family on social media. 

Jenner has captured some sweet photos with her daughter and boyfriend. The young entrepreneur captioned this photo with her 1-year-old, "a love without limits." The little one seems to be enjoying her European vacay just as much as the rest of the crew. 

Ringing in year 22 has Jenner feeling "blessed," and rightfully so. 

Jenner wrote "blessed" on this shot overlooking Positano, and another one holding her daughter. The expensive trip included two private jets, the luxury mega yacht and speed boat, excursions into Italy, not to mention designer dresses, jewelry, and more. Jenner hasn't been shy about flaunting her wealth this year with a money-themed birthday collection, and this trip isn't hiding it either. 

Kris Jenner also gave Kylie a birthday shout-out that was almost a sweet as baby Stormi's. 

"It is the greatest joy and blessing to be your mommy and watch you grow into such an beautiful woman inside and out. You are the most amazing daughter, sister, friend and mommy.... watching you with Stormi has been such a wonderful blessing. I am so proud of you...," the Kardashian-Jenner matriarch wrote to her youngest daughter. The baby photos she shared are so reminiscent of baby Stormi, too.