Kylie Jenner
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It’s crazy to think celebs spend time going through the comments on their own pictures on Instagram—and much more far-fetched to imagine them going through pics on different fan and media sites. But it seems like Kylie Jenner does just that. However, in this case, we can’t hate and we love that it was to clap back at someone who left a pretty tone-deaf comment on a throwback picture of Kylie from a few years back.

The pic in question was from three years ago. 

Celeb tracking IG account Commentsbycelebs posted a picture of Kylie from three years ago, which appeared on the Kyliesnapchat Instagram account. The pic was of Kylie posing with some fans at the opening of Sugar Factory in Las Vegas. Of course, someone had to leave some hate and wrote, “Wow, she’s so skinny here,” with three hug emojis. Another fan responded, “She was better.” Huh?

Kylie Jenner Comments by Celebs
photo: Instagram

Kylie, though, couldn’t keep quiet and responded, “I birthed a baby.” Yup, boss Kylie pushed back on the body-shamers by letting them know that not only was their reaction uncalled for, but the reason for her new body was that she actually created human life.

The comments run the gamut between support and body shaming. 

Of course, the post is filled with commenters giving their opinion on her body, her looks, and comparing her then to know. Par for the course, I’m sure Kylie knows. But there are many supporters who think she actually looks better now than she did then.

Comparisons are silly. 

You know what, though? Comparing then to now is completely silly. Of course our bodies change over time! Especially if pregnancy and birth are involved. Kylie was 18 in the pic, practically a baby, there’s no way her body wouldn’t have evolved from then till now. It’s silly to do the comparison torture to ourselves, but it’s even sillier to do it to celebs.  

We think she looked good then and looks good still today. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in the process and that's worth more than anything.