Can Kylie Jenner's feet live? The makeup mogul set the record straight on her foot situation after fans noticed that one of her toes looked, well ... off. Why are her fans coming for her toes? I have no idea, but in the year of our Lord 2020, we are talking about Jenner's feet. Let's dive feet first story, which will include plenty of photos of her toes — try not to get too excited, folks!


The con-toe-versy began with this photo.

Jenner posted this totally fine and normal photo of herself with big sis Kendall Jenner; the two are posing in matching swimsuits. Clearly they are on some kind of vacation in a warm environment with beaches and paradise and relaxation. Wait, I guess we're talking about her feet now.


Zoom in on the photo for a surprise.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that her middle toe looks shorter than the rest of her toes. Obviously, the length of Jenner's right middle toe is a matter of supreme national emergency, and it only took a hot minute for folks to start asking the serious question: What is up with her toe?


Jenner brought this foot drama to heel very quickly.

I can't imagine how annoyed Jenner must have been at this toe-tal nonsense, but she gamely put her foot down on her Instagram stories. "OK, everyone wants to come for my toes," she says, and notes that she has "cute-ass feet." She's not wrong, if feet are your thing!


There is a MEDICAL REASON, people!

"I broke this [right] middle toe in middle school," Jenner explains, keenly aware that world has suddenly made her feet their business. "There's nothing you can do for a broken toe, so I just had to let it heal how it wanted to heal." Aaaaand now, I am having flashbacks to being in color guard in high school and dropping my wooden rifle onto my foot.


She even gave us a live demonstration.

Jenner gave us the answers that the world is thirsting for: Her middle toe, because it was once broken, doesn't flex up with the rest of her toes. It lays flat, making it look shorter by comparison. "This little guy is out of place," she says. 

Is the internet satis-feet with her explanation? Can we all take our foot out of our mouths now? Can we all cool our heels and be nice to Jenner? OK, I'll stop now.