Kylie Jenner is the first Kardashian-Jenner to be called out for cultural appropriation in 2020, though she most likely won't be the last. 

This family is notorious for stealing black culture and attempting to pull off styles that are just not meant for them. Jenner deleted a photo from her Instagram Story after being called out for culturally appropriating twist hairstyles. Her makeup artist Ariel Tejada has left it on his feed, though, and it's received quite the backlash. 

Jenner has come under fire before for wearing braids, and let's not forget that heinous photo shoot in which she posed in a wheelchair that was completely offensive to people with disabilities. 

Kylie Jenner is making news because of her hair, but this new style isn't what has Twitter in a tizzy. 

Jenner is diverting attention to a new highlighter-yellow, super-long hairstyle. She's possibly showing off this new 'do to get people to forget about the questionable style she recently shared. Even though she deleted the post, Jenner's blond twists are still evident on her stylists's social media feeds. 

Jenner deleted a photo from her account that showed her hair in twists, a style normally reserved for black women. 

Fashion photographers The Morelli Brothers shared a photo of the makeup mogul to ring in the New Year and used the hashtag "#gwenstefani," clearly indicating the inspiration behind Jenner's blond twist updo. One person commented, "this.....aint it." Ariel Tejada, Jenner's makeup artist, referenced Gwen Stefani as well in his caption.

Of course, a debate about cultural appropriation ensued. 

One person thought that Jenner's imitation of the style should be taken as a compliment. Well, that's not how black women see it when they're often discriminated against for wearing their hair in these styles.

But someone else replied, "it’s also literally not for their hair type lol they’ll lose hair. i don’t find it as a compliment bc my ppl still are losing jobs and viewed as 'ghetto' for protective hairstyles. while most white ppl see it as fashion."

Others just don't understand the concept of cultural appropriation, and why this is wrong. 

"Do people seriously get offended by a hairstyle?" one person asked in a Twitter reply. And someone wrote back, "People are harassed, fired, demeaned, disqualified from sporting events, kicked out of school photos, and face a myriad of oppressive behavior all because of black hairstyles. Yes, lack of awareness and disregard for history is offensive to people with respect and empathy."

The look was inspired by Gwen Stefani, who has her own history with cultural appropriation. 

BuzzFeed shared the original Gwen Stefani inspiration, and the stylists definitely nailed that look. However, neither of these white celebrities should have worn these looks because it is stealing from an oppressed culture. When people see white women wearing their hair in this style, it's deemed "high fashion," but when black women wear it, they're often discriminated against. 

Stefani stole looks and styles from Harajuku Girls during her most popular era. 

Gwen Stefani
photo: Getty Images

At the height of Stefani's career, she had a major issue with cultural appropriation too. Many criticized Stefani's use of Japanese culture in her album art and costumes. She was obsessed with Harajuku Girls, and said that her use of their style was just because she was a fan. 

This isn't the first time Jenner has worn a hairstyle from a culture that didn't belong to her, and it most likely won't be the last. 

No matter how often the Kardashian-Jenners are called out for cultural appropriation, they don't seem to learn or care. Jenner almost never talks about her controversies, either, so it's unlikely she'll address this issue. At least she's already moved on to her next hairstyle.