The Kardashians/Jenners are known for furthering some pretty problematic and unbelievable body standards (e.g., Kim's bodacious derriere, Kendall's lean supermodel frame). And sometimes some pretty absurd Photoshop fails (sorry to call you out, Khloé). 

But, this time it has gone far enough. A ridiculously proportioned hand in Kylie's campaign with S Moda has people in an uproar. Commenters have likened the hand to the size of Jenner's forearm, and, well, just see it for yourself.

So here's the image in question from a recent shoot with S Moda magazine.

At first glance, it's clear the photo is highly stylized and airbrushed, but the hand doesn't look too bad. The longer you stare, the longer you realize it's a really large hand. Look at the forearm and then look at the hand. Use a ruler if you have to; the two are the exact same size. 

Here's a closer look. 

Take a look from the very tip of her fingernails to the heel of hand. It does look suspiciously Photoshopped. At the very least her hand is airbrushed so intensely that it is spotless of any pores or wrinkles.

One commenter questioned the length of her hand in the photo. 

Sifting through the thousands of comments on Jenner's post, it's apparent that the possible Photoshop fail was noticed. This user immediately questioned the length of her hand but didn't mention anything about Photoshop. 

Someone else pointed out how spotlessly the photo was edited. 

Jenner already has a near flawless complexion that can be seen in the many makeup-free selfies the famous mom posts. But the airbrushing on this photo is too obvious to miss. One comment suggested it looked overly done. 

One user simply wrote, "Big hand." They're not wrong.

In a matter-of-fact statement, this commenter pointed out that yes, indeed, Jenner's photo features a "big hand." Now the question is whether or not it was a mistake done through Photoshop or if that's what Jenner's hand actually looks like. 

Another user noticed the big hand dilemma, but quickly went on to compliment the 21-year-old.

Despite the hand debacle, the reality star looked beautiful. One commenter caught themselves after making a note of the hand and quickly (quick enough to comment twice in a row amidst 132 million followers) complimented the star's beauty. 

Someone on Twitter suggested we all calm down about this "big hand" business and that Jenner looks fine. 

Noting the ridiculousness of our hand obsession, one person on Twitter wrote "B**** please!!! Her hand is fine lay off already!" Maybe they're right and we should all go about our lives unbothered by Jenner's Photoshop fail, or maybe we should get to the bottom of it.

This unedited picture with her hands on display show they are larger than some, but certainly not to the extent of the first image. 

Try not to be distracted by her ginormous... hands! While her hands do look long, most likely due to the length of her nails, in this sultry, glowing pic they are still a more normal size than in the S Moda photo shoot. 

Holding a glass, it's easier to get a better feel for what her hand looks like normally. 

In this romantic post with beau Travis Scott, the beauty mogul is sipping on a glass of white wine poolside. Her hand is certainly not out of the ordinary here, and furthers the proof that her hand is of a completely normal size — not like the alien hand seen in the first pic. 

Once again, a completely normal hand. Whew. 

The ridiculous amount of bling showcased on the billionaire's fingers does not take away from the fact that this hand looks like a totally normal size. Moral of the story, Photoshop often does more harm than good in any case, and when a fail is made people are QUICK to call it out. So, maybe let's just let our hands and the rest of our bodies remain unretouched?