Kylie Jenner "Keeping Up With The Kadashians"
photo: E!

Rewind to February this year and reflect on the masses of headlines about Kylie Jenner's best friend, Jordyn Woods and the cheating scandal that shocked everyone. The sixteenth season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians is well under way, and moments foreshadowing that infamous scandal have already surfaced. 

Now with the final episodes of the seasons still to come, the show will finally address the reactions of Kylie and Khloé who have kept relatively quiet about the whole ordeal. Well, except for those tweets Khloé sent out after Woods's Red Table Talk. 

The promo video for the rest of the season lays out all of the drama still to come. 

Camping trips, sister fights, and, of course, the Tristan Thompson scandal comes out. Khloé reveals she is "broken by so many things." There are lots of tearful confessions and phone conversations in which friends reveal what happened on that night.

One voice, who people speculate is Kardashian bestie Larsa Pippen, says, "I don't even know if I should tell you this..."

And a second voice says, "her legs were, like, in between his legs." Of course, in Woods' interview with Jada Pinkett Smith the model revealed that she did have her legs crossed over his and that they shared one kiss. 

Kylie Jenner's reaction so far to all of this, "she f***ed up."

The matriarch of the family, Kris Jenner, shared this clip from last week's episode. 

Part of the drama that continues to unfold in the rest of the season is the relationship between sisters Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian. The two have become extremely close in the past year, but it appears as if their relationship takes a rocky turn. The eldest Kardashian sister has overstayed her welcome in Jenner's pad following the California wildfire evacuations. Next, it appears the two have beef about gossiping behind each other's backs. 

The highly anticipated drama, however, is that among Khloé, Kylie, and Jordyn. The famous momager can be heard in the promo video saying to Kylie about the scandal, "for you and Jordyn this is like a divorce." 

After her friendship break-up with Woods, the youngest Jenner sister found solace in different friends. 

Jenner and her longtime bestie Anastasia "Stassie" Karanikolaou recently got matching tattoos of Jenner's daughter Stormi's name on the backs of their arms. Jenners friendship with Woods was so exclusive the two often joked it was like they were a married couple, but after that scandal that broke up their friendship it hit hard. Jenner has since reportedly been branching out and trying to strengthen other friendships. 

Kylie's social life is less of a concern right now, anyway. Her skin-care line launched earlier this month. 

Woods was notably absent at Jenner's star-studded skin-care launch party last week. The beauty mogul has been focusing on her professional career, and hasn't made more than a few comments about her friendship with Woods. She spoke out about the price slash on her collaborative makeup line with Woods, however, and revealed it was purely coincidental and the scandal had nothing to do with the cuts. 

The Kardashian family is impenetrable and sticks together above it all, it seems.

Despite Jenner and Woods unbelievably close friendship, and the fact that they were practically sisters, family comes first. Jenner can be heard saying in the promo to her sister Khloé, "she f***ed up. Just know, I love you." The sisterly bond is unbreakable, and Woods mistake had little effect on the familial relationship between Khloé and Kylie. 

Following the scandal, Woods has been keeping close to her family too. 

Woods posted this cuddled up photo with her younger sister, Jodie. The two almost look like twins, and are clearly close. Woods captioned the post for her sister's birthday, "thank you mom & dad. I didn’t know that when I asked for a baby sis 13 years ago my mom would birth another me." 

In her interview on Red Table Talk Woods revealed that her family was facing online and in person bullying after the scandal, and that her younger sister had to leave school because of it. 

Woods has managed to hold her head up high and keep deals like her collaboration with the false eyelash line Eyelure. 

After the scandal, Woods moved out of Jenner's Calabasas home and cut ties with the entire family — including Kylie. She told her side of the story, and received some pushback from Khloé Kardashian. Woods also made a comment that she would "always" love Kylie, despite the break in their friendship. 

Days after news of the cheating allegations broke, Woods was at an event promoting her new collaboration. Despite critics slamming her appearance, she managed to keep the brand deal and continue working through the tough time. 

Khloé Kardashian has invested all of her efforts into being the best mom for her one-year-old True. 

It's hard to say who this cheating scandal played the heaviest toll on, but certainly the Kardashian sister struggled to come to terms with it. In a clip from a previous episode, Kardashian toasts to her sister and Woods, and treats her one of the family. This scandal was the ultimate betrayal to her. 

Since then, she has kept up a coparenting relationship with Thompson allowing him to still be in her and their daughter's lives. Her relationship with Jordyn, however, is over. 

She has plenty of true friends by her side, though. 

Two of Kardashians oldest friends, Malika and Khadijah Haqq, vacationed with the reality star and her daughter to Turks and Caicos. Throughout the affair these two have stuck by Khloé's side and could be seen in multiple episodes providing her with support. In the promo video, Malika asks her friend "you're happy, right?"

Another clip that shows hindsight is 20/20 features Khloé planning a trip to visit Thompson in Cleveland. 

She = asks her bestie, Malika if she would join her on a trip to Cleveland. She tells Scott Disick that his son and her nephew, Mason wanted to come along on the trip. 

Khloé reveals in the interview, "I am very excited that Malika is coming to Cleveland... it's fun we get to dress in our winter clothes, and spend a lot of family time. Time with true, time with Tristan."