Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods
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Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods are reportedly working on their relationship. A source told People that they have been texting and that the friendship isn't completely over. It was recently reported that Khloé Kardashian would be the one to ultimately decide if Jenner and Woods could ever be friends again because Jenner didn't want to upset her sister. 

But it's also been reported this week that the Kardashians know Jenner and Woods are still texting and that they're letting Jenner take control of the situation. Additionally, Woods just liked one of Jenner's posts, so there's more than a little hope for fans of this dynamic duo.

Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods are reportedly "working on rebuilding their friendship."

That is, according to a source that spoke to People. The source said the two former friends have yet to see each other in person since the cheating scandal broke, but they have been texting. This person also reportedly said, "Their friendship is not 100% over." What percentage it's at right now, though, isn't exactly clear. 

Sources previously said that Kardashian would ultimately determine if the two of them could be friends again.

Previous reports stated that Jenner and Woods' friendship all depended on Kardashian's happiness. Jenner didn't want to upset her sister and purposefully distanced herself from Woods. The two never stopped texting, and Woods left some of her things at Jenner's guest house. A source said, "The future of the friendship is directly associated with Khloé's happiness.”

Now it's being said that the Kardashians are letting Jenner take control of the situation herself.

People's source went on to say that the Kardashians know that Jenner and Woods are talking, and they aren't putting "too much pressure" on the situation for now. "They are letting Kylie figure things out for herself," the source said. Jenner hasn't spoken publicly about her friendship with Woods, but Woods said she and Jenner have texted a little after her Red Table Talk interview. 

It doesn't look like Kardashian is ready to make amends just yet, though.

Who could forget that Twitter tirade Kardashian went on after Woods' Red Table Talk? She places all the blame on Woods, then immediately backtracked and said that Thompson is to blame. People certainly think that Kardashian only blamed Thompson for anything because of all the hate she was getting online. 

Another sign of potential hope for the Jenner/Woods friendship? Woods (maybe accidentally) liked one of Jenner's recent Instagram posts.

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I mean, she liked it, but then unliked it pretty soon afterward. Maybe her thumb slipped? Or maybe she saw the huge reaction that liking the photo caused. Fans tweeted pretty quickly when they noticed Woods' name in Jenner's likes. But there was another false sign of hope for their friendship on a grander scale. 

Fans also think they just saw Jenner and Woods hanging out. 

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Jenner and Woods were allegedly spotted having breakfast in Calabasas last Friday, March 8. But it was just too good to be true. Later on, E! News learned that Jenner was actually with another friend, Heather Sanders. Maybe it's also important to note that apparently Jenner's friends look so similar that they could be mistaken for one another. 

Woods' return to Instagram seems to indicate that she's doing OK.

Woods and Jenner may take some time to repair their friendship, but the models' return to Instagram — two sunny selfies in a white shirt and a soft smile — is a good first step in that direction. The caption is the type of uplifting thing you'd expect someone to say after they were the center of a huge scandal like this. 

"If you’re reading this... it means God has given you another day to wake up and be grateful & better than you were yesterday????" she wrote.

Kardashian appears to want to move on, but fans won't let her. 

Kardashian tweeted that she wants to move on and focus on positive aspects of her life, but fans aren't letting her go that easily. Ever since the Red Table Talk interview, a deeper divide has formed, leaving more people on #TeamJordyn. 

They don't think it was right for Kardashian to blame Woods for everything when Thompson was an obvious player in all of this. Plus, they're still waiting on Kardashian's formal, public apology to Woods. Kardashian's latest selfie has a pretty passive-aggressive caption.

"Your perception of me is a reflection of you. Be aware of your words," she wrote. "What you say does matter. Become more aware of the negative things you think and say. What does it actually accomplish by criticizing somebody else? Do you have any concept of how positively it can change someone’s day to receive a compliment or words of encouragement? Try to choose your words wisely. What you say to others says much more about you than it does about them."

Though sources are saying Jenner hasn't exactly moved on, she's putting her best foot forward. 

Jenner has been keeping her Instagram very professional(ish) since the scandal and has even launched a few new additions with Kylie Cosmetics. She's been very quiet about Woods and how she feels about the whole situation. 

But the most important question is: What's going to happen to Wesley?

Jenner and Woods adopted a dog together before the cheating scandal. Now that Woods has moved out of Jenner's guest house, Wesley has reportedly been staying with Jenner. It's unclear if that was arranged between the two women, or whether Woods just wouldn't be able to take care of the dog herself. No word has been given on whether Wesley has seen Woods since she moved out or what will happen if the two don't make amends.