There is rarely ever a dull moment when it comes to news about the Kardashian and Jenner families, and this week is no exception. In fact, this week is far more salacious than most others for the mega-famous group. In a shocking turn of events, Khloé Kardashian's long-term boyfriend (and father of her child), Tristan Thompson, was caught cheating with another woman and got dumped immediately.

He's been spotted cheating several times before, but this time was even more inexcusable — the reported other woman was Jordyn Woods, who's been Kylie Jenner's right-hand woman and best friend for years. Cheating on your girlfriend with her very famous sister's best friend sounds like a move only a soap opera star would pull, but we truly can't make this stuff up.

Following the break of these cheating reports, Jenner is allegedly extremely upset (fair) and has even asked Woods to move out of her guest house, where she's been living long-term. And you really can't blame her, because the repercussions that this is going to have will likely be fatal to their friendship, which began way back in 2012 when the two were just teenagers. Below, watch a full rundown of their friendship, which we might not be seeing much of anymore.