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Kylie Jenner has reportedly "given up" on working things out with her ex best friend Jordyn Woods. It was also recently reported that the two are working on their friendship, and members of the Kardashian/Jenner family are letting Jenner figure things out for herself. 

Jenner reportedly wanted to get back with her friend again, but that all depended on if Khloé Kardashian was willing to forgive as well. But now Jenner is out shopping with and for new friends. She's reportedly open to being on speaking terms with Woods, but a friendship, especially one like they used to have, isn't in the cards. 

Kylie Jenner has reportedly given up completely on her friendship with Jordyn Woods. 

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MY GIRLS????????

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TMZ reports that Jenner and Woods haven't been talking much at all since Woods' Red Table Talk interview. Now Jenner has "given up" and is moving on without her ex best friend. It goes on to say that the two haven't made any "real progress" when it comes to fixing their friendship. This may be the final act in what has been a long and overly drawn out saga between the two women. 

The Red Table Talk Interview didn't help.

Woods spoke to Jada Pinkett Smith on Red Table Talk to give her side of the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal. It doesn't look like it did anything to help her friendship with the Kardashian/Jenner family, especially Kylie. TMZ also claims that the interview just pushed Jenner more on her sister's side and still believes that Woods was in the wrong. 

But there's still hope for ... something?

TMZ reports that Jenner is reportedly still open to being "amicable" with Woods going forward. But Jenner also wants Woods to retrieve the spare belongings she left in the guest house so they can finalize things and move on. But their chances of being as close as they used to be are pretty low. And even if they did become friends again, it might not ever be like it used to.

These claims come almost immediately after reports noted the pair was "working things out."

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love these two more than life itself

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It was just reported that these two were working on their friendship. They still hadn't been texting that much, but a source told People that “their friendship is not 100% over.” The Kardashian/Jenner family was OK with the two of them talking.

Woods even liked one of Jenner's recent Instagram posts. 

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Things were also looking up for the pair when Woods liked one of Jenner's Instagram posts. Fans definitely noticed and screenshot the evidence. But Woods must have noticed as well because she unliked the photo soon after. I guess following each other on Instagram is friendly, but liking each other's posts is just a little too much. 

Maybe them calling it quits has something to do with Khloé Kardashian?

Even earlier tabloid stories claimed that Jenner would make amends with Woods if her sister felt comfortable with it. Maybe their friendship not working out is is due to the fact that Khloé Kardashian wasn't having it? But that contradicts other sources who say the entire family wanted Jenner to make whatever choice she felt best.

According to recent sightings, Jenner seems to be hanging out with a new crowd.

Jenner has been seen out with her friend Heather Sanders. The two have reportedly been friends for years and were out shopping together recently. They were even pregnant at the same time.

She's also reportedly trying to expand her friend group post-scandal.

It's been reported that Jenner has called Woods her "only friend." Now it looks like Jenner doesn't like that concept too much, because she's reportedly been trying to find a larger group of people to hang out with. That could be why Jenner has been seen out more with Sanders.

Whatever is going on with these ex-friends, one thing is for sure: These "sources" need to get their stories straight. 

Every other day brings another new headline that contradicts the last. Of course, there's a lot of mixed and heavy emotions surrounding this whole situation. There's a child involved, and cheating isn't a light subject. All of this back and forth in the media is unnecessary and makes everything a bigger mess than it needs to be.