The Jenner sisters strutted through the Met Gala together like the sisterly power couple they are. Per their social media accounts, Kylie and Kendall Jenner appeared to be having such a lovely time that it's easy for people to forget how much preparation — and for Kendall, major anxiety — the night calls for.

The Met Gala is fashion's biggest night. The day of the ball can be a pretty stressful (and sometimes painful-looking) affair. Vogue posted a behind-the-scenes look at Kylie and Kendall getting ready, which revealed a very vulnerable yet sisterly moment between the two. 

Hint: It involves an anxiety attack and ends with them slaying the carpet feeling much, much better.

The Jenner sisters attended the Met Gala together and looked fabulous, obviously. 

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The duo wore custom Versace gowns that fit the camp theme of the 2019 Met Gala perfectly. The over-the-top feathers and form-fitting looks dropped a lot of jaws that night. They were clearly feeling their looks and posted this selfie video to show off the lavender and orange dresses. Kylie playfully captioned the video with two purple and orange hearts. 

A fan found this clip of the pair getting ready and it went viral. 

In a getting-ready style video posted by Vogue, Kendall had a brief anxiety attack about the night ahead. "I have literally crazy anxiety. I can't stop," Kendall said to Kylie. Kylie responded by asking Kendall about which shoes she thinks she should wear. A few people on social media criticized the moment and interpreted it as Kylie brushing off her sister. 

A look at the moment in its entirety reveals that Kylie was actually trying to be there for her sister.

The full video is a 10-minute vlog of Kylie's Met Gala process. At the 7:44 mark, Kendall begins to feel nervous about her look. 

Kendall says, "What is happening? I've literally had crazy anxiety. I can't stop." To which Kylie responds, "I'm not wearing the taller shoes, do you think I should?" 

"It's OK. Everyone knows I'm tall as f***," Kendall replied.

And there you have it. Kendall was having extreme anxiety due to her concerns about feeling awkwardly tall in her high heels at the Met Gala. This is a worry that lots of tall girls have in a society that often associates being short and petite with femininity and desirability. Plenty of tall, lanky (read: me) women can identify with feeling awkward and literally like the entire world is staring at you when you slip into higher heels.

Still, the shortened clip is what got attention and sparked a conversation about Kylie's reaction to Kendall's anxiety.

A few critics interpreted Kylie's reaction to Kendall sharing her anxiety-filled moment as Kylie being dismissive of her sister. Some people felt that she should know how to handle situations like that with more care.

"The people who know me best know that when I start having an anxiety attack, I want them to talk about something else to try to distract me," one critic wrote.

To be fair, different people have different anxiety needs. A social remedy for one person may not work for another. It's not one-size-fits-all.

One fan felt that Kylie cared more about shoes during that moment than Kendall's feelings.

"...The girl didn't even hear her sister. She was too busy worrying about her shoes and was just waiting for Kendall to stop talking so she can talk about herself," the Twitter user shared.

Context is key here. As seen in the full video, Kylie offered to wear taller shoes to make her sister feel more comfortable at the Met Gala. 

Another skeptic on Twitter questioned Kendall's use of the word "anxiety."

"The way that family throws around the term anxiety is very very concerning," a critic pointed out on Twitter.

Here, we must share that Kendall has been very open about her struggle with anxiety. The commenter is right about the importance of marking the difference between natural nervousness and anxiety disorders. Still, we need to avoid determining or questioning the mental health status of other people. 

One fan felt that Kylie and Kendall simply exhibited normal sibling interaction.

"Its funny cause when you have a sibling you know that quick look down Kylie did was her acknowledging it and that is a solid enough response."

Anyone with a sibling knows that sisterly or brotherly love can be displayed in varied ways, so to say that Kylie diminished Kendall's anxiety is reach. People have unique relationships that they carry in different ways that work for them. 

Kendall Jenner offered her own response to the video clip on Twitter.

There's no trouble in the Jenner sisters' paradise. Kendall responded to the viral clip with a simple message of solidarity. "Sisters," she wrote on her Twitter account along with an orange heart emoji. There is nothing but love between the two.

The sisters ended up enjoying their time at the Met Gala with each other. 

When the evening ended, Kendall had this to say about her experience at the event.

"I LOVED my dress @versace. I LOVE my sister @kyliejenner. I LOVED my jewels @tiffanyandco
and I die for my glam team @maryphillips, @jenatkinhair, [and] @marnixmarni. LOVE THE MET @voguemagazine."

Based on that caption, I'd say any anxiety she had vanished during a fun night. 

Ultimately, we should all consider the root of Kendall's anxiety before branding Kylie as insensitive. 

Kendall Jenner experienced anxiety over feeling too tall in her high heels. Kylie offered to wear even higher heels so that she and her sister could be closer to the same height.  Kylie simply found a solution to eliminate the trigger of Kendall's anxiety. She can't be the tallest girl at the Met Gala if she and Kylie strut down the carpet looking equally tall together. 

That sounds like a pretty clutch sisterhood to me.